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Financial planning

An update on our Investor platform - November 2020

There’s been a lot happening here at the Squirrel garage and lots of movement in the financial world, so here’s an update on quite a few things.

Lifestyle and Technology

How to manage your mortgage through the coronavirus crisis

The adage 'cash is king' is never truer than in a crisis. Cash gives you the flexibility and freedom to respond to changes. Now is a good time to have a small cash buffer in your mortgage. The thing to remember is banks don’t want you to default on your mortgage, and they have temporary options in place which are designed to support those who find themselves in financial hardship.

Lifestyle and Technology

Advice for those about to purchase property using KiwiSaver

What does Coronavirus have to do with your KiwiSaver funds? More than you might think. No need to panic, but we thought it was worth putting a word of caution out there for anyone who is looking at purchasing a property in the near future with KiwiSaver as part (or all) of their deposit.

Lifestyle and Technology

Squirrel challenges the market for home improvement loans

Homeowners want to get things done to their house now, but increasing the mortgage and convincing the bank are both hard work. And let’s face it, it’s only getting harder. Recognise the hurdles of borrowing, Squirrel has launched an online no-fee home improvement loan that makes getting stuff done around the house much easier.

Lifestyle and Technology

Squirrel innovation to help Real Estate Agents sell more homes

Squirrel loves helping people into new homes and noticed the challenges with getting things done when it comes to buying and selling. With this in mind, the Homeowner’s Personal Loan was created. The big idea is a simple, online no-fee personal loan designed for homeowners, that can be used to cover selling costs, small renovations, or a quick do-up when buying.

Lifestyle and Technology

The 'hack' that could save young homeowners thousands

Feel like you’re missing out on a good mortgage rate? If you only recently bought your first home, you’re not alone.

Lifestyle and Technology

How to afford a new kitchen or bathroom

Looking to finally upgrade the kitchen or add a touch of class to your bathroom? It might be easier to do than you realise, potentially without adding anything extra to your monthly financial commitments.