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03 December 2019

Changes to the finance condition for home buyers

Under changes to the standard sale and purchase agreement used by most real estate agents, the buyer will now need to furnish a confirmation of finance being declined.

05 March 2019

Squirrel innovation to help Real Estate Agents sell more homes

Squirrel loves helping people into new homes and noticed the challenges with getting things done when it comes to buying and selling. With this in mind, the Homeowner’s Personal Loan was created. The big idea is a simple, online no-fee personal loan designed for homeowners, that can be used to cover selling costs, small renovations, or a quick do-up when buying.

19 September 2014

What’s the best approach to selling your home?

At some stage of your life you will be confronted with the reality that in order to buy that next property that you and your family hanker after, you will need to sell your existing home.

11 October 2013

Things you should never say to a real estate agent

When it comes to buying a home you need to have your wits about you. You need to be well informed, you need to be confident and you need to have done your research.

25 May 2013

As a buyer, what should you expect from the Agent?

This is the right question to ask, as it is so seldom asked and all too often, wrongly interpreted.

12 January 2010

Implications of the new Real Estate Agents Act

The new Real Estate Agents Act came into force in late 2009. It has been introduced to lift the professional standard of the real estate industry.

10 April 2009

Buying a property - use a due diligence clause

Buying a house is an exciting and frightening thing. Exciting for all the obvious reasons but frightening, too.