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Lifestyle and Technology

How to spot cyber crime in real time

Having come from decades in banking Dave’s seen his fair share of cyber-crime and how it’s evolved alongside financial technology. He took the time to write down his recent experiences and tips on how to avoid becoming victim to cyber fraud.

Financial planning

Regular income is easy with auto withdrawal

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned investor, using your investments on our P2P platform is an easy way to generate a regular income for yourself.

Financial planning

Making your money work harder with recurring investment orders

One of the common things we’ve heard from our Investors is that they want to keep their money working as hard as possible at all times. One of the features we offer that helps with this is Recurring Investment Orders which is like a 'set and forget' auto-investing function.

Lifestyle and Technology

Why you don’t need a mortgage broker near you

In this ever-changing crazy quagmire of a world, there has never been a greater need for seamless online services. Fortunately, Squirrel is well set up to provide the same service for all our clients, whether you're stuck at home, or at the beach.

Lifestyle and Technology

The technology effect

A few weeks ago JB presented at a property investment workshop on the housing market, the economy, and the effect technology is having on the economy globally.

Lifestyle and Technology

Guest post: The basics of Bitcoin & blockchain

Bitcoin has been in and out of the headlines recently, almost as much as it’s been going up and down in value. So what's the fuss about and how does it work?

Housing Market

End of cycles | A world without interest?

Is our ‘low interest rate world’ the beginning of the end of money as we know it?

Lifestyle and Technology

Is virtual reality the future of interior design?

If you're a technologically-minded Kiwi, you might be keeping up with all the latest and greatest gadgets cropping up in the news of late.