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18 October 2023

Ranking New Zealand's best and worst savings accounts

Not all savings accounts are created equal, and it's worth knowing what all your options are so you can get set up with the one that best suits your savings goals. Here, we've pulled together a wrap-up of the different savings accounts available across New Zealand's main retail banks.

01 September 2023

How saving with Squirrel could get you into your first home faster

If you've been working hard to get to that 20% house deposit, you'll want to make sure your savings are working as hard as possible, to get you into your first home even faster.

07 June 2023

FAQ time: Investing with Squirrel

We sat down with Squirrel Chief Operating Officer, Dave Tyrer, to get his answers to the top 20 questions we get most often from investors on our platform.

13 March 2023

The grim reality for New Zealand savers with money in the bank

With inflation like it is right now, you're only marginally better off having money in the bank than you would be having it stashed away under your mattress. So, what other options are there?

06 March 2023

Why do banks make term investments such hard work?

Bank term investments might seem like the way to go if you want to earn the best returns on your savings. But between all the T&Cs and fine print, are they really all they're cracked up to be?

22 April 2022

How is an investment affected when a payment gets missed on a Squirrel loan?

If you’ve invested through the Squirrel peer-to-peer lending platform, you’ll be aware that on the other side of these investments are loans taken on by other Kiwis, borrowing through Squirrel. When these borrowers apply for a loan, they’re put under the microscope before our credit team push go, but what happens if a loan payment gets missed?

14 December 2021

Squirrel investment opportunities are growing

Due to recent Reserve Bank LVR restrictions coupled with tightened credit criteria from banks in response to the CCCFA regulations, we’re seeing more loans that would have previously been gobbled up by a bank, heading towards non-bank lenders like Squirrel.