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19 January 2022

Beyond the purchase price: The 5 big costs to be aware of as a first home buyer

Buying a home is (probably) going to be the biggest investment you’ll ever make. As a first home buyer, when you’re already fronting up such a hefty chunk of change, you’ll want to make sure you’re not getting stung by any unexpected costs along the way. Let’s take a look at the things you need to factor into your budget to avoid any big surprises.

15 June 2020

Thinking about buying your first home? Here’s your checklist

So much to think about, so much to consider. We’ve broken it down for you into a handy up-to-the-minute checklist that you can download, print and pin up on your wall at home. Once you’ve got all the nuts checked off, you’re good to go!

30 January 2020

How to pay off your mortgage faster

Making it onto the property ladder is a huge milestone, but the journey doesn’t end there. Now you're in a huge amount of debt. We've put together some of our top tips for helping you manage and pay your mortgage off faster.

13 November 2019

Building Wealth through Commercial Property

Are you ready to jump into commercial property? I wasn’t for a long time, but given I own a business and rent premises it makes sense. If you are a business owner and new to commercial property, here's how you could make it work for you.

13 September 2019

Should I rent or buy my first home?

It’s easy to get caught up in the news headlines and neighbourhood chatter about what’s happening in the property market. Everyone you know will have an opinion on whether you’re better off buying your first home or continuing to rent, and it can be hard to sort fact from fiction.

23 July 2019

The Virtue of Patience

Property development carries with it many risks and currently it’s perhaps the most difficult market to find finance. Often, I find clients who haven’t exercised much patience and as a result can find themselves in a pickle.

16 April 2019

How to sell a house in a soft property market

I’ve recently written a blog post on how to buy in a soft market. This one is the opposite, for those of you selling. Let's talk agents, strategy and tactics to get you the best outcome.

15 April 2019

How to buy a house (and make money) in a soft property market

In this post I’ll cover off what I’ve learned about buying in a soft market, and how Squirrel can help beyond simply arrange the mortgage.

10 July 2018

Top 5 first home buyer tips

Starting a new role at a new company is always an exciting time. For me, leading up to my start date here at Squirrel, it also gave me an opportunity to sit back and reflect just a little.

11 June 2018

5 practical ways to spruce up your garage

We all know that most garages do much more than storing vehicles. And because they are not so visible, it’s easy to let them become dirty and disorganised. Here are Johanna's top 5 tips on how to get your garage in better working order.

20 March 2018

The importance of liquidity in the housing market

Property isn’t as liquid as you might think. Just try selling an investment apartment in this market, especially one under 50sqm.

21 February 2018

Adviser insight: how to survive the balance

Balancing work, life, two tiny children and trading property isn't easy. But if I can do it, anyone can. I started in this country with nothing, not even a word of English.