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Welcome to the Squirrel Group career opportunities page.

Before arriving here, hopefully you’ve taken a good look around our websites and you have a strong sense of what Squirrel is all about, in terms of our work, our brand and our people. Maybe you know us well already and you’re just keeping an eye on the current opportunities that we have across our offices. At Squirrel, we’re all about making a difference for Kiwis everyday.

So, if you are thinking of applying to work at Squirrel, then please be sure to tell us up front: what difference do you think you would make?

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  • Sorry, we’re not actively hiring for any particular roles right now but keep checking back here for updates. 

We’re setting out to change the game of the financial services industry in NZ. You’ll find at Squirrel Group a company built on authenticity and dependent upon it’s people. A culture that doesn’t just respect curiosity, fairness and freedom but lives it. And in a community where the path you choose is your own, the places you can go are limitless.

“At Squirrel, the only limits are the limits you put on yourself.”

It’s not only the work that defines a great company but also the people.

We have a really strong culture and people often comment on our genuinely friendly and informal style. This, combined with a real passion for making a difference, makes Squirrel an exciting place to work.

Squirrel Mortgages is one of the most awarded mortgage brokers in NZ. We are truly authentic and strongly believe in being real and true to ourselves and our clients. We’re always looking for like-minded people so if this is you, get in touch by emailing

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We’re passionate about developing our people.

We are committed to professional development and our approach to training. This year so far we’ve delivered an average of 16 hours training per person. We have a dedicated team performance specialist for training and mentoring and our people regularly participate in external industry training courses.

This year we have also introduced our Professional Development Planning initiative, this gives our staff the opportunity to get whatever help they need to develop in their roles and personally, and has proven to be very successful.

Last year the entire company flew to the Gold Coast, Australia for a 3 day team building and training conference.

We’re also open to more innovative development opportunities such as sending a Squirrel Money staff member to San Francisco to attend a P2P lending conference.

You don’t always need to make big gestures to make meaningful changes.

Squirrel Kids is our financial literacy programme run voluntarily by our advisers in schools. It′s all about teaching kids how to be smart with money from a young age. This project is in hot demand from local schools and it’s our plan to roll this out more widely in the coming year.

We also sponsor several local sports teams and various activities close to the hearts of our people.

Squirrel kids collateral

We believe in doing our bit.

Whilst we’re not a big carbon producer, we believe in doing our bit to be green. We’ve come up with a set of core actions to get measures in place to track our carbon footprint and our improvement in reducing it.

Lots of Squirrels want to make a difference and our team is dedicated to maintaining our stance on this.