Where should I live?

When you’re deciding where to live there are lots of things to consider.

Some of it’s rational, but lots of it will be emotional. If you’re a couple buying together you’ll probably have differing priorities, so finding a middle ground can be a fantastic lesson in compromise. You’ll need to consider how you want to live and how long you’re planning to stay. Do you want to be close to friends and fun places to eat out? When it comes to commuting, how far is too far? If you have kids or are planning them, are the schools and community to your liking?

Whatever you decide, there are a few more things to take into account:

Location, land and community

It really is true that it’s better to buy the worst house in a good street – and it’s not just because the value of your house will go up. You may not realise just how much impact your community can have on you – horrible neighbours can make life hell.

Follow the sun

Amazing what a difference a bit of sun can do for even the most run-down property. Make sure you double-check the aspect of any house, so you know where it gets the sun and what rooms will be the warmest.

Do your research

Get your sleuthing hat on so you know everything about the house before you buy. Talk to neighbours, run Google searches on the house, street and area, check at night for street lighting and noise. Questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the neighbourhood like?
  • Is it quiet at night?
  • Is there much crime in the area?
  • What happens when it rains?
  • Are neighbours aware of any future development activity?