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If it’s a home loan you need, our expert mortgage advisers will get you the best deal. Or if you want to earn higher interest on your savings, check out our great options. Either way, we’ve got your back.

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Mortgage broker

We get to know you, and work with all the main lenders to find the solution that best fits you and your goals.


Not everyone fits inside the bank box. That's where our own unique lending products come in.

Savings and investments

Earn higher returns on your savings by investing into Squirrel loans or using our high-interest On-Call Account

Ready to get started with your mortgage application?

We've been helping Kiwis get into homes since 2008, arranging over $20 billion of mortgages. Our mortgage advice is always impartial and honest, because the only goal is to leave you better off.

Talking to a mortgage broker won't cost you a cent

Unbiased, personalised advice

Our Mortgage Advisers are paid the same regardless of which lender they recommend, meaning the only motivation they have is to make you better off.

More options for a better deal

We've got relationships with all the major lenders which means better deals, and yet more options for when you don't fit inside the square.

Your sidekick throughout the process

Whether buying your first home or reviewing your mortgage, your own personal adviser will guide you through the journey.

Find out more about how our mortgage brokers can help you

More lenders, more choices

Term investments with a conscience

Enjoy higher interest rates on your savings while helping other Kiwi by investing into a pool of Squirrel mortgages. Or simply grow your money whilst it sits in our high-interest On-Call Account.

Here's what Squirrel investors earned last month

7.42%p.a. - average return for term investments last month
Choose how you earn your interest
On-Call Account
Variable returns
Your money is held on trust with major New Zealand AA- rated banks.
Term Investment
Home Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Construction Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Personal Loans
Fixed returns
Money invested in:
Personal loans to homeowners
Reserve fund protection

Setting up a Squirrel account is quick and 100% online

Meet the nutter behind Squirrel

Back in 2008 John Bolton, better known as JB, decided there had to be a better way for Kiwis to get onto the property ladder, and get a mortgage without being gobbled up by the big banks. So he left the corporate world, cashed in his superannuation and started Squirrel at the height of the global financial crisis (against all odds).

Read more about the history of Squirrel
Head shot of John Bolton (JB) CEO of Squirrel

Listen to our latest podcast episode - Live at the Nut Bar with JB and DC

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