About Squirrel

We've been mortgage broking for 15 years, and over time we've added other carefully chosen products to our offering like peer-to-peer lending and investing.

About Squirrel

We're a company of people who love what we do.

Instead of boring you with heaps of blurb about how great we are, we've put together a bunch of facts that tell the story in (hopefully) a more interesting, and Squirrel way.

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Squirrel in numbers

16 years old
100(ish) Squirrels
3 locations
At least 20k coffees drunk by squirrels
580 blogs on our website
891 WOOP meals provided for referrers
1 touch rugby team
34 Webinars hosted by Squirrel
7.39%p.a. average return for term investments
36,096 chats with Alan
Over $400million total in lending from our own products

Accurate to the best of our knowledge as at June 2023.

Squirrel Money Limited (FSP354706) is licensed to provide a peer to peer lending service under Part 6 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act, 2013. The conditions of the licence imposed by the Financial Markets Authority are published on www.fspr.govt.nz.