Emma Wallace

Emma Wallance - Mortgage Adviser

Emma’s favourite things are seeing her clients successfully settling into their homes, and online shopping. The former helps with the latter. She also attends boxfit classes regularly so watch out!

Emma has 8 years lending experience & specialises in helping first home buyers, structuring mortgages to help clients pay off faster, & she knows the North Shore inside out.

Qualifications: B. Com. Emma Wallace is a regulated Financial Adviser and provides specialist mortgage advice. Squirrel Mortgages is a licensed Financial Advice Provider and regulated by the Financial Markets Authority to provide advice on mortgages and insurance.

"Simply put, we just wouldn't have what we have without Emma. She was our biggest asset throughout the entire process, our biggest cheerleader when we were discouraged and an endless and generous source of crucial information that led to the purchase of our home that somehow ticked every box, and we're so in love with. As nervy first home buyers she made the frightening labyrinth of the Auckland housing market seem palatable for us and answered every single tiny ridiculous question we had - above and beyond doesn't even begin to cover it. I can't stress exactly how instrumental she was to our journey, how much she gave us when we leaned on her and she's hilarious to boot! If you manage to land Emma as an Adviser, count yourself very lucky." 

S. Knox, Auckland.

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