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You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business so you need a team of experts you can trust.

That’s where Squirrel comes in.

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How we can help

You’ll receive personalised, impartial advice on your venture. Whether you’re finally expanding from the stuffy garage to a commercial space, funding the growth of your business or buying a business, we’re here to help you make informed, forward thinking decisions.

And in most cases it won't cost you a cent.

housing development

Property development lending

Squirrel deal with lots of builders and developers, not only with their funding but also with financing end buyers.  We’re not just brokers and we’re here to help.  We’ll work through feasibility analysis, connect you with experts, and make sure you understand how bank policy impacts your prospective buyers.

We work with lots of lenders from banks to global funds and private lenders, to find solutions that work. Whether you need first mortgage or mezzanine finance or help finding an equity partner, talk to us.  We’re typically sorting finance in the $1m-$20m range. 

Will it cost anything to use Squirrel's commercial lending services?

  • For vanilla commercial transactions (buying a building), Squirrel's service might not cost you a cent. 
  • For development funding we’ll charge between 0.50% and 1% depending on the complexity of the deal.

With development funding it’s more than a funding approval.  There’s a lot of work getting to approval but it doesn’t stop there. We’ll stay engaged in the project until you’re out the other side.  We know that with development, it’s like climbing Everest.  You’re not done until you’re back at base camp.

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