More than just a mortgage broker

Our job is to make the mortgage process simple and save you money. Squirrel’s team of mortgage brokers will give you personal, impartial advice. And you’ll get a great rate too.

Whether you’re a first home buyer, reviewing your existing mortgage or a property investor, we’re here to help you make informed, forward thinking decisions. Our advisers work hard to make buying property easy and in most cases, it won’t cost you a cent.

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Advice you can trust

A good mortgage broker will not only save you time and money but as a buyer they'll have your back in a world where everyone else is working for the seller.  Our experienced advisers aren't paid on commission, which means our advice really is reliable and unbiased. 

We have written close to $1 billion of loans in the last year – helping out a lot of Kiwis in the process. So when it comes to getting the best solution for your mortgage, we can help.

Don't take our word for it - we've got over 600 five star reviews.

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Why choose Squirrel?

More options

Our mortgage brokers work with all the major banks and have access to more options and better interest rates than you'll find if you try and sort it all out by yourself. 

Simplify things

It might seem like a minefield of forms and jargon but it doesn’t have to be. Our expert advisers can cut through the clutter and find the right solution for you.

Save money

Having the right home loan solution in place will save you thousands. We can help you get mortgage-free faster.

We work with all the major banks

Don't settle for any old mortgage

We’ll compare all the main banks and weigh up the options, so you don’t have to. We’ll answer those niggly questions, like:

  • What’s the lowest interest rate in market?
  • Fix or float, or a combination of both?
  • Which bank is best for me?
  • Can I avoid break fees?
  • How much could I be saving?

Apply for a new mortgage or review my existing one

Fill out our online mortgage application and we'll contact you with next steps (don't worry, your information won't go any further than us). Or give us a call to speak with one of our expert mortgage advisers right away.

Here's a basic rundown on how we'll work with you...


We’ll chat with you to understand your financial situation and what you’re wanting to achieve.


Your adviser can provide honest feedback on any potential properties, and answer questions you’ve got along the way.


We’ll work with the banks to get you a hot rate. We’ve got access to them all which means more options for you and we can squeeze out the most competitive rates.


Work out the best structure to suit your lifestyle, and negotiate your mortgage for you.


Together we can build a plan to help you get mortgage-free faster. You might be amazed at what small things you can do to shave years off your mortgage.


We don’t ‘set and forget’. Your adviser is always a phone call or email away and down the track we’ll help you when your fixed rate rolls over, and beyond.

We've won awards the last 8 years in a row

Plus we have over 600 five star reviews from our clients.

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Quick look rates

If a great rate is what you're after, we can help. We work with all the banks so can help you secure a great rate no matter who you choose to bank with. In fact, we can generally get an even better rate than the advertised rate. 

What's going on with mortgage interest rates?

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