It costs nothing to sell your investment when you want your money back

We get that life can be unpredictable, and you might need to get your cash back early

If you want to get your money out before the term on your investment ends, it's easy to list your investment for sale with just the click of a couple of buttons. Best of all, there are no fees associated with selling.

Listing your investment for sale is easy with our secondary market

When you choose to sell an investment, we’ll list it on our secondary market and match it with other investors who are looking for the same type of investment.

As matching investment orders are found, that portion of your investment will be transferred to the new investor. The funds they snap up will come back to your Squirrel On-Call account, for you to do with what you want. Simple.

And if your listed investment doesn't get snapped up all at once, you still earn interest on the portion that hasn't been sold.

We can't guarantee that your investment will sell (or how long it will take to sell), but you can see for yourself the average time it's taken investments to sell over the last 6 months.

(Current performance doesn't guarantee future performance).

Graph showing average number of days it takes to sell Squirrel term investments
Graph showing value of Squirrel term investments sold on Squirrel's secondary market

There's plenty of activity on the Squirrel secondary market

Squirrel investors have been enjoying the benefits of selling on our secondary market for years. If you like numbers, here's a break down of the value of investments sold in the last year, by Investment type.

Things you need to know about selling on the secondary market

We can't guarantee that your investment will sell, or how long it'll take. Here are a couple of other key things to know about using the secondary market:

No fees for selling your investment

Our secondary market is fully automated and free. Simple as that. 

Investors can buy your investment in chunks

This means you might see the money flow back to your Squirrel Call Account over time.

You'll keep earning returns until the investment is fully sold

If some of your investment remains unsold at the end of each day, you'll continue earning interest on the remaining balance.

Got more questions about investing with Squirrel? Check out this FAQ video that covers most of what we get asked

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