Earn better returns on your cash investments

We’re opening the door for wholesale investors to enter the $350 billion New Zealand home loan market. Squirrel packages loans with the option to invest directly or into a managed fund. Returns range from 7.00%p.a. to 18.00%p.a.

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Get access to the $350 billion home loan market

Home loans make up the largest debt market in New Zealand and it's dominated by banks. At Squirrel, we're democratising this market and giving wholesale investors the opportunity to earn great returns on the country's favourite asset.

Squirrel provides investments for Fund Managers, Financial Advisers, high net worth individuals and family offices, with residential security for peace of mind.

With benefits like credit risk support, a secondary market, and loans across the credit spectrum available, Squirrel is the partner for you.

What do you get with Squirrel's wholesale investments?

Risk adjusted returns

From conservative investments with added risk protection to high yield secured investments, we've got you covered.

A diverse portfolio

Our innovative platform provides the opportunity to invest in whole loans, fractional loans and managed fund options to suit your portfolio.

Management of your investments

Squirrel hold the security on your behalf and manage the investments with regular reporting available for you and your administration partner.

Plenty of investment opportunity

We're headed towards originating $3 billion in residential mortgages per year.

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Squirrel is one of New Zealand's largest and most trusted mortgage advisers

Since 2008 we've been helping first home buyers, property investors and property developers, arranging over $20 billion in mortgages along the way. It's safe to say we know property inside out.

We launched our investment platform in 2015 and we now manage over $300 million of investor funds. While past performance is no guarantee of the future, investors have never lost a cent with Squirrel, and we plan to keep it that way.

We only lend to homeowners, the market we know inside out

We lend to market niches that are under served by banks. This means investors can earn an attractive return for the credit risk.

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Choose how you invest

Specialised Income Fund

A diversified portfolio of higher risk loans secured by Residential property. Security varies across first and second mortgages and caveats. 

Target annual return: Over 9.00%p.a. after fees, before tax.

Squirrel Wholesale Home Loan Fund

Residential mortgages up to $2 million for owner occupied or investment properties, secured by a first mortgage.1

Target annual return: One year bank term investments plus 1.75%p.a. after fees, before tax.

Squirrel Wholesale Construction Loan Fund

Mortgages up to $2 million for residential house construction, for investors and small scale developers. Secured by first mortgages.1

Target annual return: One year bank term investments plus 2.25%p.a. after fees, before tax.

Prefer to invest with Squirrel directly?

Set your own risk and returns with bespoke investments.1

Talk to us about how we can customise our investment products to suit your goals and risk budget.

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Top view of person's hands on laptop

Keen to find out more? Get in touch

We're happy to chat through any questions you have. Get in touch with Doug Thomson today.

*Interest rates are subject to change.

FundRock: FundRock is the issuer and manager of the Squirrel Investment Funds and the Squirrel Wholesale Investment Funds. For a Product Disclosure Statement please visit fundrock.com/fundrock-new-zealand or disclose-register.companiesoffice.govt.nz. For an Information Memorandum please visit fundrock.com/fundrock-new-zealand. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investors are encouraged to seek independent financial advice.