Reach your deposit savings goal faster with Squirrel

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The silver lining of high interest rates is higher returns on your money

When you're saving for a house deposit, you could let that money sit in any old bank account and watch it grow whenever you add your spare cash to it. But what if those savings could generate their own monthly returns too?

At Squirrel, we have a high-interest savings account which earns interest on every dollar, helping to grow your savings faster so you can get into your first home sooner.

'Cos that's ultimately the goal, right?

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Right now, our On-Call Account is paying 5.25% per annum. We're chuffed to offer Aotearoa's highest paying savings account with no strings attached.

Boost your savings with the Squirrel On-Call Account, and get them back out whenever you like

No minimum amount, no fees and no penalties for withdrawing
Withdraw, and it's back in your bank account within 2 hours
Your funds are held securely with one of the main banks
Opportunity to earn more by investing in residential mortgages

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Setting up your account takes about as long as unloading the dishwasher

  1. Create your Squirrel account 
  2. Deposit funds
  3. Start earning heaps of interest
Young man looking at mobile phone, smiling
Young man looking at mobile phone, smiling

Want to earn even mooore? Squirrel offers term investments which bring in even better returns

If you want to make your house deposit savings work even harder, you have the option to invest for a higher return, straight from your Squirrel account

Your investment stays within Aotearoa

When you invest with Squirrel, your money goes towards helping out other likeminded Kiwi, and is secured against property (unless otherwise stated).

And you have the option to get your money out early through our secondary market so you don't have to feel like it's locked away, when the time comes to buy the house of your dreams.1

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Choose how you earn your interest
On-Call Account
Variable returns
Your money is held on trust with a major NZ registered bank, with AA- credit rating.
Term Investment
Home Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Construction Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Personal Loans
Fixed returns
Money invested in:
Personal loans to homeowners
Reserve fund protection

It all starts with a quick online account set up

Whether you choose to invest, or keep your savings on hand with the On-Call Account, all you need is an online Squirrel account. Just grab your NZ drivers licence or passport, head over here to get started.

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Got questions about saving and investing with Squirrel? Let's chat.

No question is a dumb one. Book a chat and one of our experts will give you a call, so you can get all your questions answered.

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1.  Selling your investment relies on another investor is willing to take on the same investment terms - find out more about our secondary market here.

Interest rates are subject to change. Squirrel's On-Call account is the highest paying savings account with no strings attached, accurate as at 28 August 2023.