Lending products created by humans for humans

It's our job to find the very best lending solution to suit you and your grand plans. When we can’t find it out there in the market, we make it ourselves.

Squirrel loans are designed specifically to meet the needs of residential property owners.

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A lender like no other

Through our peer-to-peer platform Squirrel can fund loans, allowing us to service niche pockets of the market that are getting overlooked.

Maybe you're keen to upgrade that 70's kitchen in your new home? You might be a builder looking to fund a small development, or are you in need of a bridging loan to help with buying your next home? Sometimes you can't fit inside the bank's box but we look at the bigger picture.

We see you.

Lending products that are one-of-a-kind

Launchpad first home loan

A first home buyer's leg up onto the property ladder. Made for those with a low deposit but ability to pay the mortgage.

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Bridging finance

A bridging loan to allow home movers to buy before selling, making the move process a smooth one at a lower cost.

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Builders Turnkey loan

A builder's dream finance solution for building small scale developments or a one-off residential property.

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Homeowners loan

Borrow on the house without talking to the bank. Interest-only repayments for the first year to keep costs down.

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Tiny House loan

Downsizing? Our loan designed specifically for tiny houses makes it easier to go tiny.

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Why Squirrel?

You can’t capture your life in a bunch of tick boxes. But when you’re making big financial decisions, that’s what you’re asked to do. If you think about it, that’s kind of absurd. At Squirrel we look beyond boxes and find the right solution for you.

Transparency and fairness

Our team are experts at what they do and there's nothing in it for them to push you into something that doesn't fit. We're open about where your loan is coming from and where your payments are going.

Smart tech, less admin, more value

With smart tech doing lots of the heavy lifting, we'll do our absolute best to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Our loans are funded by Kiwis

We've got over 2,000 willing Squirrel investors who are all regular Kiwis looking to help out someone like you.

Products designed to suit your needs

Each of our unique lending products were created because we saw a need that wasn't being met. Whatever your situation, our goal is to get you the best value-for-money. 

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5 star review on Shopper Approved

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