Flexibuild makes funding property developments easy

When it comes to small-scale projects, the banks can be tricky to access and a lot of the big finance companies charge an arm and a leg.

We're experts in property development and we're on a mission to level the playing field.

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We’ve got personal experience in developments, so we know the process first hand.

We created Flexibuild as a lending solution to flex whichever way you need. 

Why choose Squirrel for your development funding?

An easier, cheaper solution

Through the magic of technology, our peer-to-peer platform and lower overheads, we're able to charge lower fees than other lenders while reducing the paperwork along the way.

Big or small, we've got it covered

We can lend up to $2 million with our own facility and up to $30 million through the banks for bigger projects.

With you all the way

We're on your team. Your adviser will walk you through the process giving expert advice from beginning to end.

You've been paying too much and jumping through hoops for too long. Flexibuild is the way to get your project off the ground.

How are we able to make it easier when others can't?

What makes Squirrel unique is we are mortgage brokers and a mortgage lender. That means we can access the banks, as well as provide our own lending (Flexibuild) through our peer-to-peer investors.

We get to know you, the person and hunt down the best deal to suit your plans.

In many cases, we can charge less than other lenders for our own development funding, not to mention our experienced advisers and processes make it easier. If it's a bigger project then we will likely find the right solution with one of the main banks.

Either way, we'll do what's right by you.

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What our clients have to say:

Features of Flexibuild:

Types of funding covered

Pre-development property acquisition

Small development projects requiring less than $2 million of funding

Single house builds (Spec or turnkey)


Between 2.00% and 3.00%. (We'll quote up front once we understand the deal).

Line Fees


(Only applies to construction loans with progress drawdowns).

Sizes of projects

Up to $2 million of lending per project or borrower entity.

However in some cases we can fund up to $3 million.

LVR (Loan-to-value ratio)

Land only: 60%

Residential property acquisition: 70%

Spec build: 70%

Turnkey: 80%

Interest rates

Available on application

Land bank finance

The development life-cycle is at least a year, and in most cases you'll need to funds to secure the land, well ahead of construction. When you buy a piece of land with the intention of building on it or subdividing, it's called land banking.

We can use our Squirrel funding to help you secure the land, and possibly help with the pre-development costs.

Already got resource consent?

In some instances, where developers have resource consent (and a valuation uplift) before settlement, we're able to fund land with as little as 10% cash deposit on the land acquisition.

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Turnkey funding for builders

We can provide two types of Turnkey loans:

Presold turnkey

Where a builder has an unconditional buyer for a property we will fund up to 80% of the agreed purchase price on the sale and purchase agreement (excluding GST.)

A registered valuation may not be required, saving you money. In most cases we are happy to work with the agreed price provided the buyer is unconditional and has paid a deposit.

Spec build turnkey

Squirrel will fund up to 70% of a registered valuation or 70% of land at purchase price for a residential house under construction that has not yet been sold.

If you get a sale part way through, we’re happy to increase it to 80% LVR.

Pre-development and acquisition funding

Pre-development and acquisition finance provides funding for the many costs that are associated with completing a development, before it starts. 

We know how long it takes to work through the predevelopment process and are there to support you with funding and advice along the way.

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Here's how it works:

Flexibuild is designed to make financing property projects cheaper, easier and faster. 

1. Get in touch

We'll have a chat where you'll give us an overview of your position and development plan. Get in touch here

2. We'll weigh up funding options

We'll get the best suited adviser to work with you on your funding strategy and plans, plus associated costs to complete the project.

3. We'll send you a proposal letter

This will outline the costs and the services we provide. At this point a 'commitment fee' is charged.

4. The fun begins

Once the proposal letter is signed, let the project begin! And your adviser will be alongside you for the ride.

Ready to get started?

It all starts with a simple conversation. We'd love to hear from you, and find out what your plans are. We may just be able to help make it happen.

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Meet the experts

When it comes to development, here's who to talk to:

Plus all of our advisers work across a range of development projects and are more than happy to help.

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Got questions? Chances are they've been asked before. If you can't find what you're after here, give us a call on 0800 21 22 30.

How much deposit do you need for a development?

In general, the bank will require 30-35% of cost as equity and non-banks can lend up to 75% of project value. However we have funded projects at 100%, so you might need less than you thought to get started.

How much does it cost to fund a development?

Property development funding costs are determined by lots of things such as the project profitability, the location, LVR (Loan to value ratio), and the term of the loan. Typically, the costs are high for loans that carry higher risk and with a longer term. The funding costs depend on the market, and you’d expect to pay interest, an application/lender fee (including broker fee), and often a line fee.

What is mezzanine finance property development?

Mezzanine finance involves the use of money from an alternative source rather than equity from the developer and senior debt from the primary lender. The interest rate on a mezzanine finance facility is usually high.

Can I get 100% funding?

In some cases, yes. We have funded projects at 100%, but it won’t work for every project. 100% funding relies on an experienced advisor, a well thought out plan, and a solid project.