Sharpen up your sales with the little loan that thinks big.

Arm your customers with the tool that's designed to fund selling related costs in a jiffy, simplifying the way you sell real estate.

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Swiss army knife with real estate tools

Remove property barriers with the most versatile loan around

We thought long and hard about those scenarios where homeowners might need a helping hand financially:

  • Marketing and staging costs
  • Repairs
  • Renovations (whether buying or selling)
  • Paying a deposit

…to list a few. Using our technology we've innovated a personal loan to take the hassle out of all of these and more.

With a simple online process and up to $70k, it’s easy to get projects underway, fast.

List more, sell more and get more out of your sales.

Higher sale prices

A nip and a tuck here and there before going to market gets a better result. You know what the property needs; get your seller to get it done without the fuss.

More sales over the line

We all know that do-up "property with potential". The ability to get it done up when the bank won't lend more than the mortgage helps remove the barrier to purchasing.

Offer your premium marketing tools

The loan can be used to cover the vendor’s marketing expenses and even things like staging.

It's easy as pie

With no fuss and no forms for you to fill out, your customers complete the entire application process online. And you can take credit for offering it to them.

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Your customers will love the flexibility.

They won't find another personal loan with terms like these. Remove the barriers to getting stuff done.

No fees

That's right - there are no fees associated with this product. Nada. There would only ever be recovery costs in the case of a default.

It can be paid off any time

There's no penalty for paying it back early - this means vendors can wipe it upon settlement, no questions asked.

Quick and easy

The application is done online in minutes. Once assessed, upon approval the money is dropped straight into their account.

Interest-only for the first year

Repayments are hardly noticeable on top of the mortgage. Then there's are options to pay it all off, bundle it into the mortgage (subject to bank credit criteria) or pay it off separately on a low rate.

Our interest rates

Term Rate
1 year interest-only 7.95% p.a.
2 - 3 years 8.95% p.a.
5 - 7 years 9.95% p.a.

The process is easy as one, two, three:

1. Your customer completes our online form

Your customer applies online for anything between $1k and $70,0001. Send them to to find out more and apply.

2. If approved, funds are transferred directly

Providing everything stacks up and your customers are approved for finance, we deposit the money directly into their bank account.

That's it. It's that simple.

You don’t have to fill out any forms.
You don’t have to photocopy any ID.
You don’t have to do anything really.

See for yourself how simple the application process is

Ready to get started?

Go ahead and download the info now, or if give us a call on 0800 21 22 30 if you prefer to hav a yarn first.

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Dive into the details

Here are the answers to some questions you may have:

What kinds of things can the loan be used for?

Renovations, repairs, staging or marketing costs for selling, getting the new house done up when the bank won't lend more than the mortgage, the deposit and the list goes on...

How much can my customers borrow?

Anywhere between $1,000 up to $20,000 unsecured, and up to $70,000 secured. We use the property for security.

There are really no fees?

That's right. We won't charge any fees up front, or add in anything sneaky along the way. However, if the borrower defaults on their obligation, they may be obliged to pay costs and expenses for enforcement. 

What happens after the loan comes off interest-only?

After the first year, the customer has the option to have the loan bundled into the mortgage, as long as they fit within bank credit criteria. (Any lending over 80% on a mortgage will incur the customer low equity fees). Our mortgage brokers can take care of that and even review the mortgage at the same time. Otherwise, the loan can be paid off separately over flexible terms. 2 - 3 years at 8.95%p.a. or 5 - 7 years at 9.95%p.a. (Rates shown are based on current rates and are subject to change).

Remember the entire remainder can be paid off any time (eg when a seller's property settles, it can be wiped at the same time). We'll never charge a penalty for paying it back early.

How is the money funded?

Through the concept of peer-to-peer lending (and the magic of technology) your loan is funded by Joe Bloggs down the road who's invested their extra cash into our platform. Think of it like Tinder for money. We've built a system in-house which allows us to run like a lean, mean running machine without too many overheads, giving borrowers and investors better interest rates. Good old kiwi ingenuity.

Who is eligible for a Homeowner's Personal Loan?

Being a peer-to-peer lender, the funds we lend are from other kiwis who have invested their hard earned money into our platform. That means we have a responsibility to only lend to those who pass our credit criteria with flying colours.

Our team is here to support you

There are tons of scenarios where a Squirrel Homeowner’s Personal Loan of up to $70k might come in handy for your customers. If you have any questions or want to bounce any ideas around, give our team a call on 0800 21 22 30 or email

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Affordability, responsible lending and credit criteria apply. Subject to available funding.