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Life doesn’t fit on a form. That’s why we look at you, the human, not just a pile of paperwork. Our advisers listen to what you want from life and find the best way of getting you there.

We're best at what's best for you.

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Talking to a Squirrel mortgage broker won't cost you anything


Our unbiased Mortgage Advisers are paid salaries, meaning the only motivation they have is to make you better off.


We've got relationships with all the major banks which means more options, and a better solution for you.


Whether buying your first home or reviewing your mortgage you’ll be assigned your own personal adviser to guide you through your journey.

Ready to get started with your mortgage application?

We've been helping Kiwis get into homes since 2008, arranging over $10 billion of mortgages. Our advice is always impartial and honest, because the only goal is to leave you better off.

More banks, more choices

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Change the way you invest your money

Make your hard-earned money work hard for you with term investments. By investing through our marketplace, your lending is helping someone get ahead while getting better returns for you. Win-win.

Great returns between 5.50% and 7.50%p.a.

With regular repayments and competitive returns, investing your money has never been easier. The full investing process is 100% online and we've worked hard to make it as simple as possible.

Investors have received over $5 million in interest

Our investors have never had a missed payment to date, and we intend to keep it that way. Choose from three investment classes or a monthly managed fund.

Find out how you can earn better returns on your money

Why choose Squirrel as your mortgage company

Your messy family, questionable past and your dreams for the future — you can't capture it all in a bunch of tick boxes. But when you're making the biggest financial decision of your life, that's what you're asked to do. Which is kind of absurd. Our advisers know how to look beyond the boxes and most importantly, we want to. Here's what you'll get with Squirrel. 

Salaried Advisers for unbiased advice

Our Mortgage Advisers are experts at what they do and there's nothing in it for them to push you into something that doesn't fit.

Smart tech, less admin, more value

With smart tech doing lots of the heavy lifting, your adviser can spend more time on the important stuff - like getting to know you, and walking you through every step.

More lending solutions than anyone else

We've got relationships with all the major banks and we're totally unbiased (this is more unusual than you might think). And more options? That adds up to better rates and better solutions.

We don't charge for our service

In most cases our service is free. We've been doing this over 12 years and settled over $10 billion in mortgages so yep, our advisers have seen it all.

Meet the nutter behind Squirrel

Back in 2008 John Bolton, better known as JB, decided there had to be a better way for Kiwis to get onto the property ladder, and get a mortgage without being gobbled up by the big banks. So he left the corporate world, cashed in his superannuation and started Squirrel at the height of the global financial crisis (against all odds).

Read more about the history of Squirrel
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