Meet the team

We deal with numbers, but we’re way more interested in people. For the team at Squirrel, home loans aren’t really about interest rates or restructuring. They are about using our expertise to make people’s lives better. That’s part of what makes the team at Squirrel special.
If you want to know a bit more about being part of the team at Squirrel, take a look at our Work for Us page.

Team Auckland City

Lindsay Hill Profile
Lindsay Hill

Mortgage Adviser 021 793 274

Lindsay has spent the last 5 years helping New Zealanders get into their homes. In his spare time he saves lives with Surf Life Saving. Yep, we’re pretty proud of him.

Ash Robinson

Mortgage Adviser 027 636 1771

Ash joined us after a year exploring the rainforests and peaks of South America. He has years of experience in the banking world as as well as the executioner – oops – credit manager for our sister company Squirrel Money. Talk to him about rugby to get on his good side.

BA Frank Squirrel
Basil Frank

Mortgage Adviser 027 534 9484

Baz comes to us from South Africa where he founded his own mortgage broking company after cutting his teeth in SA’s largest firm. A sports fanatic and family man, he claims to cook a mean steak. This claim is yet to be confirmed.

Brad Squirrel
Brad Luiten

Mortgage Adviser 027 533 7755

Brad’s our lean mean running machine. Previously a banker, he made the transition to mortgage adviser and brought with him a wealth of knowledge on the finance industry. He can be found racing around Victoria Park most lunchtimes.

Eleanor Rodrigues profile
Eleanor Rodrigues

Mortgage Adviser 027 397 0774

Elle’s clocked up 5 years with Squirrel so she’s practically a veteran. Ask her anything. But just don’t mess up her desk.

Emma Wallace

Mortgage Adviser 021 416 126

Emma’s favourite things are seeing her clients successfully settling into their homes, and online shopping. The former helps with the latter. She also regularly attends boxfit classes so watch out!

Jessie Lamerton

Client Services Administrator

Jessie is our client services superstar and a woman of many talents: not only can she speak Spanish, but she claims to play guitar and sing. This is yet to be confirmed.

Kyle Moritz Profile
Kyle Moritz

Mortgage Adviser 021 288 2622

Kyle’s has spent the last 6 years helping customers into their homes with Squirrel so there’s not much he can’t tackle. Engage him in conversation about sports, but make sure you’ve cleared your schedule first.

Matt Van Geest Profile
Matthew Van Geest

Mortgage Adviser 027 533 7725

Matt’s experience in finance and construction perfectly positions him to be a great mortgage broker. Loving a challenge, he even has a charcoal BBQ.

Monique Riley

Mortgage Adviser 027 536 3612

Monique has a wide range of experience within the finance and property industries. She likes to stay active with her 2 kids and loves nothing more than rewarding a tough gym workout with a sweet dessert – that’s the whole point, right?


Scott Justice

Client Services Manager 027 823 2424

Scott loves a challenge – not only in the financial sense. A basketball fanatic at 5’9 with shoes on (or 6’0 if GQ magazine asks), he doesn’t let those taller players get in his way. And with a superhero last name, you know you’re in safe hands.

Tom Meates

Insurance Adviser 021 246 2968

Tom got into insurance to make a difference after the earthquakes in Christchurch, where he’s originally from. A true kiwi bloke, he can be found on the rugby field during winter and the cricket pitch during summer.

Specialist Chinese Team (Auckland City office)

tina lui profile
Tina Liu

Mortgage Adviser 021 302 877

Tina’s a power-walking people person who will stop at nothing to get her clients on the property ladder. She sometimes sits still long enough to watch a movie.

Charles An Profile
Charles An

Mortgage adviser 027 528 5218

Fresh from China, Charles joins Team Squirrel and brings a wealth of valuable experience to our market. He’ll let you pick his brains over dumplings.

Coco Sun

Mortgage Adviser 027 288 8871

Coco has a wide range of experience under her belt, from marketing to price analyzing, and now imparts her financial knowledge onto her clients. She has a passion for cycling and the gym, and winds down at the end of the day with her kids.

Joanne Chen profile
Joanne Chen

Actuary and BDM 021 106 1961

Jo has been with us for a whirlwind 2 years of fun. Her 2 favourite things are helping people make more money and eating spicy food.

Max Jiang

Customer Services Manager 021 961 188

Max has a passion for people and is all about the customer experience. Not only that, he’s brought his previous banking experience with him so he knows what he’s talking about. Top tip: get him talking about football over a classic eggs benny and you’ve won him over.

Specialist Indian Team (Manukau office)

Farea Squirrel
Farea Khan

Mortgage Adviser 027 534 9394

With over 13 years in banking, Farea knows the ins and outs of the mortgage business better than the back of her hand. Enough said.

Nimish Parikh profile
Nimish Parikh

Mortgage Adviser 027 524 7877

With over 10 years under his belt, Nimish knows what he’s talking about when it comes to home loans and insurance. He’s not bad at badminton either.

Sunil Squirrel
Sunil Chandra

Mortgage Adviser 027 533 7745

Both highly qualified and experienced in the mortgage broking sector, Sunil’s talents spread beyond property. A bit of a techie at heart, he’s a photographer in his spare time.  Lucky we’ve snapped him up then.

Venu Chawdrapu Profile
Venu Chawdrapu

Mortgage Adviser and BDM 021 030 2409

Having 15 years of industry experience means there’s not much Venu doesn’t know about home loans. His passion for helping buyers get the best result possible is only rivalled by his love of samosas.

Vidhi Nagori

Office Administrator 0800 21 22 23

Vidhi uses her masters degree to keep things running smoothly in our Manukau office. Previously a Foreign Exchange Dealer, she’s got a taste for all things international and a passion for Italian food. After a day’s work she likes to escape with a good book.  

Vikram Katukam profile
Vikram Katukam

Mortgage Adviser 027 397 0776

A great addition to Team Squirrel over the last couple of years, Vikram likes his clients to have it all. His favourite colour is red and yellow and his favourite cuisine is Indian and Mexican. Enough said.

Team Takapuna

Andrew Mackay

Mortgage Adviser 021 341 242

Andrew is a BDM who likes to live in the fast lane – when he’s not racing around the office, he’s watching V8’s racing around. During his rare down-time, he can be found at the bach with his family.

Emma Boyd

Mortgage Adviser 021 762 137

With over a decade of experience in the banking industry, Emma knows mortgages inside out. She also knows how to handle being outnumbered by the boys in the office, being a mum of four boys. Which is possibly why she keeps so fit and is handy with a pair of boxing gloves!

Mark Linton

Mortgage Adviser 022 675 1502

Mark has recently put his studies and experience in the property industry to good use by becoming a Mortgage Adviser – he loves to road trip around NZ in his spare time, and if you ask him for some stories you’ll find out he’s actually a bit of a daredevil…

Peter Norris

Mortgage Adviser 021 192 4911

During Peter’s 8 years’ experience in the world of mortgages, he’s been a business owner and started his own family, which he balances along with a bit of footy. He’s pretty much an over-achiever.

Shaun Harkin

Mortgage Adviser 027 262 2412

With experience as a Mobile Mortgage Manager and a qualified Investment Fiduciary, there’s not much Shaun doesn’t know about money. Unsurprisingly, his favourite colour is green.  If you want to get on his good side, Pinot Noir is his tipple.

Tyler Dellow

Mortgage Adviser 021 876 502

Tyler is our secret weapon with 10 years banking experience as well as some wicked paintballing skills. His love of Mexican food comes second only to hanging out with his two kids.

Team Bay of Plenty/Waikato

Elena Squirrel
Elena Simpson

Mortgage Adviser 027 533 5599

When she’s not training her gundogs, Elena uses her finance and banking experience to look after Squirrel Mortgages in the Bay of Plenty area, along with Paul.

Paul Davey Squirrel Bay of Plenty
Paul Davey

Mortgage Adviser 021 0237 5083

Paul spent many years in the UK carving out a career in investment management. The lack of fizzy beer and a decent pie sent him scurrying back to NZ. An Otago lad through and through, you can’t take the mainland out of the boy.

Head Office

Charles Chen profile
Charles Chen

Operations manager 0800 21 22 33

With a background in banking, Charles heads up the Squirrel Operations by day and is a rockstar by night. Look out for him on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Charlotte Squirrel
Charlotte Joshi

Marketing Executive

Charlotte joined Squirrel fresh from her OE in Canada. With a background in graphic design, she uses her creative skills for all things marketing. Talk to her about social media, branding or burgers. Only those 3 things.

Colin Gardyne profile
Colin Gardyne

Senior Web Developer

Col has spent over 2 years creating the awesomeness that is TenanSee and now works for Squirrel remotely. He’s moved up north and wants to spend his days fishing but we won’t let him go that easily.

Fuyuko Akiyoshi

Senior Developer

Fuyuko is our newest member of the web development team and a woman of many talents – when she’s not squirrelling around in the office, she’s making (and selling) pottery or completing her studies in Social Anthropology. In her rare downtime, she likes to annoy her cat Momo. We’re lucky to have snapped her up!

jamie gardyne profile
Jamie Gardyne

Senior Web Developer

We’re lucky to have Jamie squirrelling away, working his magic behind the scenes to keep our tech systems up to scratch. Ask him anything tech related but don’t expect to understand the answer.

John Bolton profile
John Bolton

Chief Squirrel 027 247 7476

8 years ago, Squirrel’s founder JB realised that New Zealand house hunters needed help. As we all know, if you want something doing right, you have to do it yourself. He has since set about changing the game for buyers and Squirrel has written over $1.5bn of mortgages to date. When not embarking on one of his many ventures, JB can be found skiing dangerously or eating sashimi. He’s a member of the Professional Advisers Association and the Institute of Directors. And naturally, his favourite colour is orange.

Kendra Mcadam

Operations Assistant 0800 21 22 33

Kendra jumped off her postie bike to join Squirrel, and keeps things running smoothly at the Squirrel Money office. She can be bribed with protein powder, and she bench presses the team when they’re not behaving, so watch out!

Marita Kerry

Marketing Manager

Marita’s 9 years in the marketing industry includes stints in Aus and Ireland, & with experience ranging from financial services to childrens’ charity marketing it’s needless to say there’s not much she hasn’t seen. Except for a burger pizza. If you can find her one she’ll be your best friend.

owen choy Squirrel
Owen Choy

Assistant Accountant

Owen’s a smart cookie with a first class degree and a penchant for music-making. A true millennial, when he’s not too busy with numbers he likes nothing better than YouTubing and gaming. And his favourite colour is black, which is not even a colour.

ruth hamlin profile
Ruth Hamlin

Marketing Director

After 8 years in the marketing and ad industry in London, NZ and a stint in New York, Ruth joined the team at Squirrel. She’ll love you forever if you Like us on Facebook.

Tim Bowen

CFO/COO 021 488 125

Tim is our over achiever and ex-Commonwealth Games athlete with a list of experience too long to include here. In a nutshell, he’s spent the last 15 years in management & consulting roles within the insurance industry and various others. If ever you can’t find him, check the local pool, rugby field, cycling track or nearest ski slopes. When he’s taking a break from those, he can be found telling dad jokes over a dinner of steak and mash.

Yudi Rajkoomar

Senior Digital Designer

Yudi is our design extraordinaire – talk to him about all things UX and digital design. A true artist, his favourite colour is not blue, it’s lapis lazuri of course. Fun fact: Bribe him with some authentic Mauritian fried noodles and you might get to hear him speak in French.

Board of Directors

John Bolton profile
John Bolton

Chief Squirrel 027 247 7476

8 years ago, Squirrel’s founder JB realised that New Zealand house hunters needed help. As we all know, if you want something doing right, you have to do it yourself. He has since set about changing the game for buyers and Squirrel has written over $1.5bn of mortgages to date. When not embarking on one of his many ventures, JB can be found skiing dangerously or eating sashimi. He’s a member of the Professional Advisers Association and the Institute of Directors. And naturally, his favourite colour is orange.

Stewart McRobie


Stewart has a multitude of bank experience as former CFO of ASB, Westpac and AMP. We’re delighted to have him as one of our independent board members.

Vaughan Underwood

Board Member

Vaughan has been cherry-picked for our board after serving as CEO of Sentinel and AXA, and we’re now reaping the benefit of his experience.

Wayne Scholtz

Board Member

Wayne is a chartered accountant and entrepreneur who brings a strong business development perspective to the Board.