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Here you'll find a well-rounded set of opinions from various writers. We welcome alternative views so in line with our philosophy of fairness, we will air other thought-provoking viewpoints here from our valued and experienced friends around the globe as well as our own news and views.


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NZ property market update – June 2024

Between an OCR announcement, Budget 2024, and a bunch of other changes, it's been a huge month in New Zealand's property market. Squirrel founder, JB, explains what's been happening — and what it means for Kiwi homeowners - in his latest property market update.

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12 June 2024

Rodney's Ravings: NZ interest rates should fall ahead of US rates

Historically, and particularly in the last few years, what happens with NZ interest rates has been really closely tied to what's happening with US rates. But with NZ's economy doing it really tough right now, guest writer Rodney Dickens thinks that's about to change.

11 June 2024

What do the new DTI limits mean for me?

Starting on the 1st July 2024, new DTI rules will come into effect in New Zealand, and just like with any new banking regulation they'll bring with them big changes for different parts of the housing market. So here's how DTIs could impact you.

11 June 2024

Opinion: The RBNZ has crossed a line with its new DTI limits

Ask the RBNZ, and it'll tell you it's putting DTIs in place to address concerns around affordability, and keep our financial system nice and stable. But Squirrel founder, JB, reckons the new rules are a ruse for the RBNZ to meddle where it shouldn't be - in wider housing policy.

06 June 2024

Property investors: Got your mortgage with a non-bank? This golden opportunity could save you thousands

For the first time in a long time, NZ's main banks have opened their books to like-for-like refinances - a.k.a. refinances from non-bank lenders. If you're with a non-bank, and heading for a refix sometime soon, it could be an opportunity to save big on interest rates.

29 May 2024

The challenges facing property developers in the current market

With house prices down and construction costs up, current market conditions have the potential to cause real headaches for developers alike. If you're embarking on a development project any time soon, here are the key challenges to keep in mind.

24 May 2024

Over and out: What scrapping the Kāinga Ora First Home Grant means for first home buyers

It's official. Kāinga Ora's First Home Grant scheme has got the cut, in favour of dedicating more funds to social housing. So what does the move mean for first home buyers?

23 May 2024

Chance of rain — and falling house prices?

The Reserve bank has grown more concerned about the pace with which inflation is falling in New Zealand, and have slightly delayed their pick for when they cut the official cash rate from the middle of 2025 into the second half. But will there be a chance that house prices will start falling while the OCR stays stuck at 5.50%?

23 May 2024

Why the Reserve Bank's inflation forecast could spell trouble for NZ's economy

Despite plenty of economic data showing enough damage has been done, the RBNZ is adamant rate falls won't be on the cards until 2025. And the reason for that, it turns out, is all down to a single number in the RBNZ's latest inflation forecast.

09 May 2024

Thinking of buying a commercial property for your business? Here’s what you need to know

If you own your own business, chances are you've stopped to wonder at some point whether it's worth investing in your own premises. Here's what you need to know if you're thinking about buying owner-occupied commercial property.

08 May 2024

Rodney’s Ravings: Why the market will likely lead the fall in interest rates

The Reserve Bank has a tradition of being too slow to hike and cut and is likely to continue this tradition because of its poor forecasting and lack of understanding of what is going on at the coalface of the economy. The market, however, is usually quicker to respond — will it be the one to lead a fall in interest rates this year?

08 May 2024

Job worries take centre stage

At a time when more vendors are appearing, buyers are backing away. And it's not because of increased worries about interest rates or access to credit. Instead, worries about job security have taken centre stage.

03 May 2024

Opinion: The RBNZ needs to start cutting interest rates, ASAP

Most commentators are picking it'll be late 2024 (or worse, 2025) before interest rates start falling again — but the Chief, David Cunningham, reckons there's a strong case for the RBNZ to begin dropping rates much sooner.