FAQ time: Investing with Squirrel

Saving & Investing Written by Squirrel, Jun 7 2023

Before you're ready to dive into your saving and investing journey with Squirrel, you've probably got a few questions about how exactly it all works. 

And who better to answer those questions than the boss man in charge of our saving and investing platform, Chief Operating Officer, Dave Tyrer?

We sat down with Dave to chat through the top 20 questions we get from Squirrel investors (and would-be investors).

You can watch the video above, or at this handy link, and check out the full list of questions we cover off below:

  1. Who is Squirrel?
  2. What is peer-to-peer (P2P) saving and investing with Squirrel?
  3. What options are available to save or invest into?
  4. How does Squirrel decide on the interest rates it pays?
  5. How will my investment order be matched up to loans?
  6. How long does it take for investment orders to be matched?
  7. How often do I get paid back?
  8. Will my money be locked up for the entire investment term?
  9. What does Squirrel do with the money I invest?
  10. Can I invest while living overseas?
  11. How much money do I need to become a Squirrel investor?
  12. What are Squirrel’s Reserve Funds?
  13. Could I lose my money?
  14. Can I set up joint accounts, or have an account for children?
  15. Can I have multiple on-call accounts at the same time?
  16. How do I communicate or transact with Squirrel?
  17. Do I pay tax on my investments?
  18. How difficult is it to put my investments up for sale?
  19. Are there any fees?
  20. Does Squirrel have a credit rating, and who is Squirrel regulated by?

If there’s something we’ve missed, or you’d like to chat to our investments team, you can get in touch here, or read up in more detail on our website.

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