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Earning great returns with regular repayments has never been easier. Our investors have never had a missed payment to date, and we intend to keep it that way.1

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Sit back and watch your returns grow

  • Get returns on your money between 6.0% and 7.5%p.a.
  • Receive monthly or fortnightly repayments
  • Get your money out early with the secondary market
  • Our unique Reserve Fund helps lower your risk
  • Support other Kiwis. Squirrel is Kiwi owned and operated.

Choose to invest from 1 – 7 years. Our interest rates for personal loans are fixed, therefore you can count on your monthly or fortnightly income to be consistent for the duration of your investment.

Current market interest rates for Personal Loans

1 Year Net Rate
2/3 Years Net Rate
5/7 Years Net Rate
Interest rates subject to change. T&Cs apply. For more information on how our rates work, have a read of our Investor Booklet.

What's good about investing in Personal Loans?

Better returns

Investments in personal loans receive fixed returns between 6.0%p.a. and 7.5%p.a depending on the investment term.

Flexible term options - take your pick:
  • 1-year interest-only investment

  • Amortising investments over 2/3 or 5/7 year terms

Our Reserve Fund lowers risk for investors

Our Reserve Fund helps protect against missed borrower repayments and defaults, provided there are sufficient funds available. Find out how it works here.

The power to get your money out early

The Secondary Market provides Investors the opportunity to sell an investment and get their money out early.

We aim to lend to quality, credit-worthy borrowers

Squirrel doesn't lend money to just anyone. We do our due diligence on every borrower to ensure they're creditworthy and have the capacity to service loan repayments.

Manage your investment anywhere, any time

We have a fast, easy, online registration process and a mobile app to manage your ongoing investments.

Our handy PDF investing booklet has all the information you need in one place.

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Investor booklet

There are 4 Personal Loans coming to market soon

Funds currently available to the personal loans reserve fund1


Funds currently available to the Reserve Fund for Personal Loans

1Our number one priority is looking after your invested money. One of the main ways we do this is through our Reserve Fund. Find out about how it works here

Personal Loans funded in the last 7 days





Prefer to chat before taking the leap?

We'd love to have a yarn and answer any questions you have about investing. Book yourself in for a chat when it suits you.

The risk and return

It's important to remember that no investment comes without some risk. The interest you receive is also indicative of the potential risk for the type of investment you choose.

This visual shows each of our investment options and how they stack up, to help you make a decision. If you like detail, read up on all the possible investment risks here.

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How your investment is helping other Kiwis get ahead

Our clients borrow from us to fund things like renovations and significant purchases for the home, debt consolidation, tiny homes, vehicles and other things like travel and weddings.

We take our responsibility as a peer-to-peer lender seriously and take a conservative approach when it comes to who we lend to. This includes inspecting their credit history and affordability to make sure they're up to a standard our investors are happy with.

Have a read of our Investor booklet for more info.

Manage your portfolio on the go

It's easy to manage everything on our mobile app. Make a new investment order any time anywhere, use the secondary market and stay up to date with push notifications. You can download the Squirrel app from The App Store (on iPhones and iPads) or Google Play (on Android phones and tablets). 

Dig into the details

Here's the nitty-gritty on the Personal Loans we offer to our borrowers, and what they mean for you as an investor.

Homeowner's Loan - 1 year investment

As the name suggests, this loan is specifically for borrowers who own their own home, and the purpose is to fund renovations and significant purchases for the home.

  • Loan amount: Between $1,000 and $70,000
  • Security: Able to be secured via caveat over borrower's home for Loans above $20,000, can be unsecured for loans below $20,000
  • Investor Repayments: Monthly interest-only payments at the fixed rate for the first year. After 12 months, investments will automatically be put up for selling on the Secondary Market at no cost to the investor. 

Other Personal Loans - 2 - 7 year investments

We offer three different products, depending on the purpose of the loan. Investor repayments are regular principal and interest payments throughout the chosen term at the fixed rate.

Debt Consolidation Loan
  • Loan amount: Up to $50,000
  • Security: Secured over physical property (vehicle or house) for loans above $20,000.
  • Term: 2-5 years
Vehicle Loan
  • Loan amount: Up to $70,000
  • Security: Secured over physical property (vehicle or house) for loans above $20,000.
  • Term: 2-7 years
Personal Loan
  • Loan amount: Up to $20,000
  • Security: Optional security over physical property (vehicle or house)
  • Term: 2-3 years
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We've answered a few common questions. If you're after more info, we recommend reading our Investor Booklet Investor Booklet or giving our friendly team a call on 0800 21 22 30.

Who can invest with Squirrel P2P?

We only allow NZ tax residents over 18 years of age to invest through our platform.

How much interest can I expect to receive?

Our interest rates are displayed above. With Personal Loans investments, the term you choose for your investment order will dictate the fixed rate you receive.

What happens if a borrower misses a payment?

For the Investor, the Reserve Fund will attempt to cover the missed payment. The ability of the Reserve Fund to cover arrears and defaults is reliant on there being sufficient funds available in the Reserve Fund. Find out more about how the Reserve Fund works under How we manage risk.

The Reserve Fund will continue to make scheduled payments to the Investor until the Borrower catches up with their payments, or worst case the loan is written off. Where the loan is written off, the Reserve Fund will payout the remaining principal to the Investor.

Borrowers are actively managed when they go into arrears on a loan. We’ll contact them initially to find out what’s happening and put a repayment plan in place if required. If we’re unsuccessful, then after one month it is passed to our external collection agency for collection at the right time.

Is investing through Squirrel P2P guaranteed?

The short answer is no.

We've tried to minimise the risk as much as we can by putting in place a Reserve Fund for each Investment Class, we take out cyber and fraud insurance and employ strict lending criteria and we have robust system controls. We need to be clear however, the Reserve Fund is not an insurance policy and you should familiarise yourself with all of the risks of investing before making an investment. Find out more about how the Reserve Fund works under ‘How we manage risk’ or in the Reserve Fund Policy.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum amount for an investment is $500. The maximum you can invest through our platform is $2 million. So you’re free to invest anywhere within in this range. 

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1 Past performance of the Reserve Fund does not guarantee future performance. For more information on how the Reserve Fund works, read the policy here.