We've got a few investment options for you to choose from

Whether you're a big shot investor or small-fry starting out, we've got options to suit.

Your investments with Squirrel benefit from a pool of loans secured over NZ property unless otherwise stated. There are three types of loans you can choose to invest into, plus a managed fund for those who aren't fussed.

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Your investment, on your terms

Our three types of investments have different returns and risk profiles so you can choose what you're most comfortable with. Mix it up or lump all your savings into one, it's up to you.

You can even choose to keep your cash on hand, with our On-Call Account which earns high interest on every dollar, and access to your funds 7 days a week.

Choose how you earn your interest
On-Call Account
Variable returns
Your money is held on trust with major New Zealand AA- rated banks.
Term Investment
Home Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Construction Loans
Variable returns
Money invested in:
Loans secured by residential property
Reserve fund protection
Term Investment
Personal Loans
Fixed returns
Money invested in:
Personal loans to homeowners
Reserve fund protection

Calculate how much you could earn with Squirrel investments

Work out how much interest you could be getting from your term investments.

7% 7.5% 7.75%

Your monthly interest payments would be*

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*This calculator is intended as a guide for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to provide financial advice. It assumes that the amounts entered are invested for the entire period selected and the returns are based on the interest rate selected. The calculation results do not take into account taxes that may be applicable to you (including withholding tax). Please note that interest rates offered on our platform are subject to change and our minimum investment amount is currently $100. To talk to one of our team at Squirrel, please call 0800 21 22 30 or you can find more information about P2P investing here. We recommend seeking financial advice about your situation and goals before investing into any financial product.

Set up your account in a jiffy - it's 100% online

Are you hands on, or a set-and-forget type of investor?

If you like to stay in control, then investing directly on our platform is the way for you. It's easy and to be honest, it's fun.

Allergic to technology or prefer to leave the detail to us?

Then the Squirrel Monthly Income Fund might be more your gig. It's a super easy way to get a great return without the hassle. It has the added benefit of being a PIE fund which means there may be tax benefits for you.

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The Squirrel Monthly Income Fund

It's a good old fashioned managed fund that invests into our pool of loans and gives you a blended return all tied up in a bow, without you having to give it a thought. We designed it for those looking for regular income, hence the really boring name.

It's a PIE which means there may be tax benefits for you compared with paying RWT on Squirrel's direct term investments.

You can find the Squirrel Monthly Income Fund on New Zealand's leading wealth platforms, or ask your Investment Adviser to hook you up. If they don't know about it, maybe ask why and then send them our way.

If you're a wholesale investor, we've got you covered too.

Don't settle for earning a pittance. We work with a range of Fund Managers and Wholesale investors and would love to help you too. Chat to us to find out more about wholesale investment options.

1Security for personal loans includes a caveat on title, second mortgage or PPSR registration for tiny homes.