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Life's busy enough. Set and forget with auto-reinvest, and we'll do the work for you

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How auto-reinvest works

All transactions go through your Squirrel on-call account. It's where you deposit money that you want to invest, and the interest you earn plus any loans that are repaid to you all end up in your on-call account.

When you have auto-reinvest switched on, our system will check your on-call account at 9pm each night, and if there is $100 or more in there, we'll automatically place a new investment order into your chosen investment type so your money is never sitting idle. Handy if you're saving or want to just want your money to be invested at all times, without having to do anything.

How to set up auto-reinvest
  1. Log in to your Squirrel account and hit "Place an order"
  2. Choose which type of loan you want your On-Call account to reinvest into
  3. Hit the 'Auto-reinvest' button on the next screen and you're done.

Get your returns paid to your bank account automatically with the regular withdrawal option

Choose how much you want to withdraw

Log in and go to the Withdrawal tab within your on-call account. 

Select your withdrawal frequency

Selecting weekly, fortnightly or monthly will set up the withdrawal amount frequency.

Watch the returns flow into your bank account

When your withdrawal amount is in your on-call account on the frequency you chose, we'll pay it straight into your bank account. If there's not enough, we'll simply check again next time.

Let your money do the work while you earn the rewards