We've finished our first makeover

Housing Market Written by John Bolton, Aug 27 2011

We did this makeover with a $70,000 budget, which was a mixture of our funding and some client funds. To put a bit of perspective around this renovation this is what we did: new kitchen, new bathroom, rewired, regibbed and plumbed the entire house, including new outdoor hotwater cylinder and switchboard, replaced all doors, removed brick fireplace, replaced or repaired windows, polished floors, put insulation in the roof, walls and floor, and fenced. Clients are involved in the process and they designed their kitchen, which we think looks stunning.

Brand new kitchen

This was basically a derelict house before we started. The bathroom was completely trashed.

New bathroom

With the lounge we even wired it for the TV and sound. (Our sparky wasn't impressed!)

New lounge

The outside doesn't look that different, just tidier with some fresh paint, cleared rubbish, and a new fence.

Exterior of house

The option to have a First Home Makeover is exclusive to Squirrel. We're a full Mortgage Broker and will help you buy any property.  With Do Ups you can renovate them yourselves or you can have us help you with it. Either way is fine with us. We've simply giving you more options and more choice when it comes to buying property. Our goal is to help you get on to the property ladder and buy better properties for less.

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