We're in an epoch Jim but nobody knows it!

Lifestyle Written by John Bolton, Mar 13 2016

The age of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing is bearing down on us and damn I’m excited and slightly scared – nervous anticipation. Technologists are now developing artificially intelligent computers that can design websites and program other computers. They’re even using IBM’s Watson AI to develop an artificially intelligent lawyer! What about computers that can diagnose patients better than doctors, and can do that on your mobile phone? Entire industries will change, including the one I’m in. What role will we have in this new world? Imagine the displacement of labour if call centres can be run by computers fluent in every language. What happens to accountants if computers can do your accounting and manage the logistics of your business? What will be the impact of driverless cars and trucks? Almost a third of blue collar jobs in the United States are in transport. What happens when artificial intelligence converges with the web? One of the biggest problems with the web is our ability to search and organise it – we have scarcity of time. Artificial intelligence challenges the notion of scarcity of time. The web itself may become self-learning and organising. It will create seamless integration between different systems and applications. And what happens when AI begins to predict and anticipate our needs before we do? This is the beginning of one of the most exciting eras in human history. You should be excited to be here at this place in time, and you really should get more engaged in what is going on around you.

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