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Banker working out rates

What to do before the OCR drops

With the OCR widely tipped to drop by 0.25% on the 11th of August - following the latest r...

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Aerial shot of Bay of Plenty

Adviser insight: What's happening outside the Auckland market?

With all the headline space Auckland takes up in the property pages, you'd be forgiven for...

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Crowd of people walking on street

6 tips to effectively manage your busy schedule

WOOP have put together six top tips to help you manage your time most effectively so you c...

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House construction site

Advisor insight: Hunting the hotspots

Where will the next big growth suburb be? This kind of knowledge is the Holy Grail for the...

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House keys

Is the amount I'm borrowing manageable?

With interest rates now being as low as they have been in years, there are a huge number o...

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House and coins on scales

Adviser insight: It's not all about rate

Property investment is quickly becoming one of the most popular means of building wealth a...

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Man holding the world

Property transactions are about to get that much easier

Property transactions in New Zealand are, in theory, a relatively simple affair. However,...

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Wooden play block houses

Practical advice for property investing in 2016

It isn’t always easy to release equity when selling property. Leverage combined with lack ...

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