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Light bulbs

3 tricks to keep your energy bill down

A home loan can be difficult to budget around at the best of times, let alone when the cos...

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Man taking a leap out in nature

Client services team changes the way you get mortgage advice

As the property market keeps on rolling, Squirrel seems to have more and more people comin...

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People working on laptops at a table

Pay the expert!

Unless you have studied Law, Accounting, Real Estate, Property Valuing and Finance then ch...

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Burning wood in fireplace

How are you heating up your investment property?

If you're a property investor or thinking about making that leap, you'll need to know all ...

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Elaborate bathroom

What is overcapitalisation?

Adding rooms or features to your home can boost your value when capital gains aren't as st...

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Auction hammer, stop hammer time

What to do when you're buying at auction

Understanding how to get ahead at auction is a skill many New Zealanders will have to lear...

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Woman holding clock

How long do tenants stick around?

How long will tenants stay at your property? While leases might only last a year, often a ...

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Bird ornament reading up on law

Are there going to be changes to financial advice laws?

We're happy to admit it: financial advice can be pretty confusing....

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