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Why you should use a (good) mortgage broker

Buying a home is a tricky business. There are so many considerations to take into account....

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Post-election update on mortgage rates

The election will do nothing medium term to interest rates. Fundamentally not much will ch...

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Let's figure out your bank's break fees

When it comes to your mortgage it pays to know it inside and out. After all, when such a l...

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Is splitting your home loan a good idea?

When it comes to your home loan there's more than one way to skin a cat. There are differe...

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Strategies to take control of your mortgage

If you're an Auckland homeowner working on a mortgage, we probably don't need to tell you ...

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What do you need to know before beginning a new mortgage?

Buying a house is an important milestone in your life. It's a chance to establish a new ho...

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What happens with your mortgage if you get divorced?

It's important that you let your mortgage adviser know as soon as possible of your impendi...

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How to structure your loan... awesomely

Here at Squirrel, we don't have a one-size-fits-all solution for your home loan. Every per...

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How do I pay my loan off faster?

Here's how you can pay off your loan faster, instead of waiting in fear for the return of ...

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Have you remembered to discharge your mortgage?

Even once you've paid off your home loan, 25 or 30 years down the line, there are still a ...

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Rates going up

Should I fix now (even if I need to break my fixed mortgage)?

Some bank economists are talking of further rates cuts so there shouldn't be a rush to fix...

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How much could you save?

Whilst you don’t want to be paying more than you can afford, increasing your mortgage paym...

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Planning your mortgage pays off

What if you could pay off your mortgage in 15 years? It’s easier than you think....

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Five ways to make buying a home easier


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Mortgage Rates | Forecast after July OCR

My personal view is the official cash rate (OCR) should not increase....

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Money locked in safe

Finance lending | Asset rich but cash poor

This ‘Ask an Expert’ column ran in the NZ Herald last week. It was in response to a questi...

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Two simple ways to take 10 years off your mortgage

When you first eyeball your mortgage it can seem scary. You’re borrowing a hell of a lot o...

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Is 2010 a good time to buy property?

If buying a property is one of your goals in 2010 then an obvious first step is to get a m...

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Removing the Ex from the Mortgage

Relationship splits make up a surprisingly large part of what we do....

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House for sale

How to sell and buy in the same market

Do you sell first and then buy or the other way around?...

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Creating a "fixed for life" mortgage

Too many homeowners are preoccupied with mortgage rates when they should be focused on rep...

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