Close of magazines, couch


Insider insight into renovations

Like many people looking to renovate, Erika was faced with the bills for plans and a build...

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Piggy bank with coins spilling out

How much money do you need for retirement?

I’ve seen numbers like $1million floated around. If you accept that you’ll gradually run d...

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Green wall, plant and couch

3 ways to transform your house in the new year

As we welcome 2017, many of us are looking at ways of improving or bettering ourselves. Pe...

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Jar of coins labeled for charity

Adviser insight: Giving back to the community

Squirrel prides itself on being about more than just mortgages. Yes, we can help you get i...

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Chair and shelf in living room

Should you stage your home for sale? Not everyone thinks so

Staging: It's something of a divisive subject in the property world. Namely, should you do...

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Halloween pumpkin squirrel

Three unique ways to spook up your home this Halloween

Sick of the common Halloween designs this year? Try out one of these three unique ways to ...

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Sunny kitchen with wooden table and chairs

Do you have an appealing kitchen?

The modern age has redefined the kitchen in New Zealand homes. It's no longer just a place...

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Builder with earphones, sawing

Your home and DIY: When is it time to call in the experts?

Some jobs are best done with the assistance of experts. Here's how you know it's time to g...

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Bench saw

Designing the perfect man cave or woman shed

They have come in all shapes and sizes in the past: Sheds, offices, even literal caves if ...

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Woman holding warm mug outside

Three simple tips to beat the chill this winter

Here are just three simple ways you can take the bite out of the weather and make your hom...

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Crowd of people walking on street

6 tips to effectively manage your busy schedule

WOOP have put together six top tips to help you manage your time most effectively so you c...

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Kids reading in a library

How to design the perfect kid-friendly reading nook

The right environment can do wonders for learning, so get involved by designing a reading ...

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Cars in traffic letting off emission

How much would the cleanest air in Auckland cost you?

Thankfully, here in New Zealand, we have some of the cleanest air in the world - the WHO r...

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Paint brush painting a brown fence

Smart alternatives to glass balustrades

They've been banned in Australia for ten years, and it looks like the hammer is finally co...

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Bed, pillows and duvet

3 interior design changes to improve your life

Are you looking for a few easy ways to make your daily life that little bit easier?...

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Group of lions sleeping soundly

Adviser insight: More than just mortgages

Here at Squirrel Mortgages, we care about your finances. But we aren't just about that. We...

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Man stretching on side of bed, grumpy cat next to him

Have you experienced First Night Phenomenon?

Think about the first night you spent at your current property. Dark, unfamiliar, perhaps ...

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Virtual Reality guy

Is virtual reality the future of interior design?

If you're a technologically-minded Kiwi, you might be keeping up with all the latest and g...

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Light bulbs

3 tricks to keep your energy bill down

A home loan can be difficult to budget around at the best of times, let alone when the cos...

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Tidy bedroom decor

5 interior design trends for the autumn

If you recently bought your first home or perhaps moved into a new residence, you're proba...

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Paint brush, white paint

3 easy Labour Weekend home improvement painting projects

Want to use your extra day off this Labour Weekend to spruce up your home? Here are three ...

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