Get your project going with the Homeowner's Loan

Zero fees1. Interest-only repayments at 9.75%2 and up to $70k3 in your pocket fast. Leave the bank out of it - we've got you.

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The fastest way to borrow for the house, without talking to the bank.

Borrow against your house for things like:

  • Home renovations
  • Big ticket items for the house
  • Home repairs
  • A new vehicle

Applying is fast, secure and 100% online. It doesn't get much easier.

1. Complete our online application

Apply for anything between $1k and $20k unsecured or up to $70k secured. Just make sure you've got your NZ drivers license or NZ passport handy.

2. We drop the money into your account

Provided everything stacks up, the money will appear in your account within a couple of days, depending how quickly we get the info we need.

3. Now get your project underway

Now you've got the funds, the fun begins. Start turning those ideas into reality.

What will your Homeowner's Loan repayments be?

Work out your regular repayments and how quickly you could pay off your personal loan.

Amount I want to borrow (minimum $1,000)
maximum amount is $ for this borrower grade
With repayments to be over

So many repayment options

  • After the first year of interest-only repayments4, our mortgage brokers can arrange for the remainder of the loan to be absorbed into the mortgage (subject to bank criteria). Otherwise, you can pay it off over 2-7 years. 
  • You also have the option to pay it all off in full, whenever you like without any early repayment fees. That's right - you call the shots.
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Our interest rates

Term Rate
1 year interest-only 9.75% p.a.
2 - 3 years 9.85%. p.a.
5 - 7 years 9.95% p.a.
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Get down to the nitty gritty

No fees

That's right. Stuff paying fees - we won't charge you any for starting the loan, repaying it early, or anything. Except for recovery costs and fees in the event of a dishonoured payment and/or default.

Bundling the loan into the mortgage

After the first year of interest-only repayments, our mortgage advisers can bury the loan into your mortgage so your wallet feels less of a pang (subject to bank credit criteria). While we're at it, we'll help get you a great deal from your bank at the same time. Then we'll structure it all in a way that suits you best.

Note: because of bank Loan-to-value (LVR) restrictions, any lending over 80% on a mortgage will incur low equity fees. Your adviser will talk you through this if that is the case with your mortgage.

What about paying it off on its own?

If you choose not to bundle the loan into your mortgage, you can pay it off on its own separately. Over 2-3 years the interest rate is 9.85%p.a. or 5-7 years the rate will be 9.95%p.a. We'll happily chat through your options with you. You always have the option to pay it wipe it clean whenever you want - we'll never penalise you for paying it off early.

Ever wondered where the money comes from?

Through the concept of peer-to-peer lending (and the magic of technology) your loan is funded by Joe Bloggs down the road who's invested their extra cash into our platform. Think of it like Tinder for money. It's also how we can afford to offer such awesome interest rates. We've built a system in-house which allows us to run like a lean, mean running machine without too many overheads, giving borrowers and investors a better deal. Good old kiwi ingenuity.

What kinds of things you can use the loan for

This product has been built especially for you, the owner of your home for whatever you need. It comes in handy for renovations, do-ups, unexpected bills, financing a car, big ticket items for the house, a new horse, whatever floats your boat.

Could your customers benefit from the Homeowner's Loan?

The Homeowner's Personal Loan is a sharp tool to add to your kit. We work with retailers and real estate agents to remove hassles from sales and iron out funding processes. Download our resources to start getting the most out of your sales.

The boring bits:

1 If you or a guarantor default on your obligation, you may be obliged to pay costs and expenses for enforcement. 
2 Rates shown are based on current rates. Rates are subject to change.
3 Affordability, responsible lending and credit criteria apply. Subject to available funding.
4 If your loan falls into arrears, a default interest rate of 5% p.a. will be added to your fixed interest rate and remain in place until your loan is back on track and out of arrears
Example: A borrowed amount of $10,000 over 1-year interest-only would result in repayments of $83 per month at 9.75% p.a. (not risk graded). If a payment is missed or a loan is in arrears for a period of time, default interest may apply. Check out our fees page.