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11 November 2021

Rising mortgage rates will eventually dominate FOMO

With investors backing off it is understandable that the pace of increase in house prices has slowed down. In the six months to September 2020, average house prices around New Zealand rose by just 4%, including a 3% fall over the April-May months.

28 October 2021

House price growth to fade next year

On average, NZ house prices have risen by 35% since March 2020 when we went into the first nationwide lockdown. This week we're focusing on the growing list of reasons why the pace of house price inflation will slow quite sharply over 2022.

20 October 2021

Are we living beyond our means?

New Zealanders have over $320 billion of household debt, but what does that mean for house prices and for the wider economy?

15 October 2021

House price growth has accelerated

I know from experience that accurately predicting house price movements over short periods of time is impossible. But one can balance the various factors in play and see what the trend seems to be and where it may be heading.

07 October 2021

A different truth about house prices

I love property. Early last year I wrote that I thought we were going into the last great property boom based on ultra-low interest rates and the increasing importance of having a home in the post COVID world.

30 September 2021

New tax rules for property owners

The government this week clarified details of its housing tax policy changes announced on March 23, and they were slightly less bad than expected.

23 September 2021

The big difference between buying a home in 2008 and buying a home in 2021

My own experience of two first home buyers 13 years apart shows that servicing hasn’t changed all that much. It's as hard today as it was 13 years ago. But what it doesn’t show is the sizeable part of our population that are locked out of the housing market altogether.

17 September 2021

The housing market has been strengthening since May

Nationwide average house sale prices rose by 2% in August. This followed a 2.4% rise in July, 1% gain in June, 0.8% rise in May and just a 0.5% rise in April.

02 September 2021

How the latest lockdown is expected to impact our housing market

Now that we are experiencing lockdown again, can we expect the same things to happen in the residential real estate market and economy as last time? No. There are some key differences between this situation and that of March 2020.

23 August 2021

House price forecast for 2022

We're starting to see commentators and even the Reserve Bank talk about falling house prices towards the end of next year. We shouldn't be surprised that none of these predictions are from real estate companies who bring the figurative cocaine to the house party. Here's my perspective on house prices from the frontline.

10 June 2021

Shock from the housing announcement wearing off

Whenever things like the global pandemic, the 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis, or tax policy alterations happen such as those announced on March 23, most of us can take a view on what the likely impact will be. Sometimes these views can be horribly wrong.

10 May 2021

How Launchpad is helping boost Kiwis into homeownership faster

To get a deposit up to 20% in today’s housing market takes years. It’s a common story. You can afford to take on a mortgage but the bank won’t let you. Kāinga Ora isn’t an option for higher earners due to income caps and house price caps. It just isn’t fair, right? We saw a gap, so we're filling it.