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01 July 2023

Listen to the latest episode of our podcast: Live at the Nut Bar

Welcome to Live at the Nut Bar where Squirrel Founder John Bolton (better known as JB) and Chief David Cunningham sit down weekly to chew the fat about things like finance, the economy, investing and what's happening with mortgage interest rates. Knowing these two, there are plenty of laughs along the way as well as the odd debate, of course.

22 June 2023

Housing market shows signs of life

First home buyers are returning to the market despite higher mortgage interest rates. Even so, there is still no sign of a lift in buying by investors. So will 2024 shape up to be a good year for buyers?

16 June 2023

Market update: And with that, it's official

The Reserve Bank said it'd take get us here, and with the latest GDP figures released this week, New Zealand is officially in recession. In his latest market update, JB shares his thoughts on what's to come in the economy, and with interest rates and the wider housing market.

24 May 2023

OCR analysis: Finally, we've hit the peak

The Reserve Bank has today pushed through a 0.25% increase to take us from 5.25%, up to its peak forecasted OCR of 5.50% - while also making it clear we've hit peak rates for this economic cycle.

23 May 2023

Another OCR hike is not what we need: An open letter to Reserve Bank Governor Orr

There’s a pretty unanimous sense across the financial markets right now that there's another Official Cash Rate (OCR) hike in store for us this week. Chief Squirrel, David Cunningham, says that's the last thing we need.

19 May 2023

Squirrel part of innovative partnership offering 3.95% two-year mortgage rate

We’re stoked to have partnered with leading residential developer, Avant, and local iwi, Te Ākitai Waiohua, to offer eligible buyers a discounted two-year mortgage rate of 3.95%, when they buy a property at Wirihana.

03 March 2023

Will investors follow first home buyers?

Investors largely remain concerned about interest rate levels and access to bank finance. So when will they return to the housing market, and what will be the catalyst?

09 February 2023

The Goldilocks Zone: Can the Reserve Bank get it 'just right' on 22nd February?

After hitting us hard with one massive OCR increase after another last year, the Reserve Bank's next announcement on 22nd February is one they can't afford to mess up.

07 February 2023

How you could use bank money to cope with higher mortgage costs

Not a lot of us have a spare $1k - $2k floating around each month. So, for those of us due for a fixed rate rollover this year, how do you fill the gap?

31 January 2023

Break fees: Why caution is needed when fixing your mortgage longer-term

This article is a cautionary tale for anyone feeling tempted by the recent fall in long-term mortgage rates: fixing long-term can come with some wicked hidden costs.

20 January 2023

Housing market weakening once again

We all underestimated the extent to which prices would rise when the pandemic struck in early-2020. Now, almost everyone has underestimated the extent to which prices, and sales, are heading down now that the pandemic is over and the inflation resulting from excess stimulus needs to be brought under control.

11 January 2023

2023: The Year of Recession (and what it means for property investors)

Cashflow is king. It's one of those old sayings that just always holds true - and it's one that property investors should be keeping top of mind heading into 2023.