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24 May 2023

OCR analysis: Finally, we've hit the peak

The Reserve Bank has today pushed through a 0.25% increase to take us from 5.25%, up to its peak forecasted OCR of 5.50% - while also making it clear we've hit peak rates for this economic cycle.

23 May 2023

Another OCR hike is not what we need: An open letter to Reserve Bank Governor Orr

There’s a pretty unanimous sense across the financial markets right now that there's another Official Cash Rate (OCR) hike in store for us this week. Chief Squirrel, David Cunningham, says that's the last thing we need.

19 May 2023

Market update: Stabilising forces tempt more (and more) buyers off the fence

Between a weakened construction sector, increasing migration and more businesses starting to retrench (both of which are helping to ease pressure in the job market), there are lots of signs out there to indicate that inflation’s coming under control. So, will there be another OCR increase?

12 May 2023

Rodney’s Ravings: There’s time to prepare for the next house price boom

The unemployment rate doesn’t just tell us where the economy’s at, or where inflation’s headed... it can actually also help to predict when house prices will take off again.

09 May 2023

Why are bank profits so high... and still climbing?

One of our biggest banks has just reported a 26% increase in revenue over the last six months - while growing sales by just 2%. How does that even happen? And what can Kiwi be doing to take some of it back?

04 May 2023

Job done: Why the monetary policy tightening cycle is over

We’re only 0.25% off the Reserve Bank’s (RBNZ’s) forecasted peak OCR – so will Kiwis be hit by other OCR hike, or have interest rates in New Zealand already peaked for this economic cycle?

05 April 2023

OCR & Market update: Winter is here, but the (slow) thaw is on its way

Earlier today, the Reserve Bank made its second Monetary Policy announcement of 2023, opting to push through another double increase, and take our Official Cash Rate (OCR) from 4.75% up to 5.25%. So what does this latest OCR outcome mean?

22 February 2023

Reserve Bank stays the course with 0.50% OCR hike

The Reserve Bank has played things pretty much as expected with today’s Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcement, pushing through a 0.50% hike to take us from 4.25% to 4.75%.

09 February 2023

The Goldilocks Zone: Can the Reserve Bank get it 'just right' on 22nd February?

After hitting us hard with one massive OCR increase after another last year, the Reserve Bank's next announcement on 22nd February is one they can't afford to mess up.

22 December 2022

Mark your calendars: Key OCR dates for 2023

With most of New Zealand holding its breath as we wait to see what interest rates are going to do next year, here are the Reserve Bank announcement dates you need in your diary.

08 December 2022

Reserve Bank causes shock throughout the nation

With the Reserve Bank's predictions of a recession, an unemployment rate of 5.7% and high inflation, businesses and consumers alike have had to sharply rein in their spending plans on everything but groceries, including housing. But will the fear pass with time, or simply worsen?

23 November 2022

Triple hike brings OCR to its highest in over a decade

This one's going to hit homeowners hard. Here's what to expect from mortgage rates, and what to do if your mortgage is coming up for renewal.