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John Bolton, better known as JB, founded Squirrel in the midst of the GFC (bold move, we know) and all these years later, he’s still on the tools doing what he loves best: being a mortgage adviser. He also still finds the time to share his expertise and insights on the housing market, economy and interest rate movement, with regular articles and monthly market update videos — so you can easily stay up to date with what’s going on.

21 November 2023

Market update: After months of turbulence, a sense of stability returns (for now)

It feels pretty clear we're at the top of the current interest rate cycle. But with one more Official Cash Rate announcement to come for the year, what are the expectations for interest rates come 2024?

25 October 2023

Market update: Out with the red, in with the blue – but election result carries no silver bullet

For many Kiwi voters, National's win in the recent election probably didn’t come as too much of a surprise — and you can bet that National’s focus, especially over the next 12 months, will be on driving through policies that are designed to bolster the New Zealand economy. So what will this all mean for homeowners and borrowers?

18 August 2023

Market update: OCR stable at 5.50%, but Kiwi are holding their breath for election day

Sticking to the path it laid out for us in July, the RBNZ has opted to hold the OCR steady at 5.50% - and they're saying it might be 2025 before rates start to come down again. But global uncertainties, deflationary forces in China and the upcoming election has everyone holding their breath.

13 July 2023

Market update: No move is big news, as OCR hike streak officially comes to an end

And there it is, finally - after 12 back-to-back increases - the break in interest rate hikes we’d all been waiting for. The question now is, when will rates start to fall again?

16 June 2023

Market update: And with that, it's official

The Reserve Bank said it'd take get us here, and with the latest GDP figures released this week, New Zealand is officially in recession. In his latest market update, JB shares his thoughts on what's to come in the economy, and with interest rates and the wider housing market.

24 May 2023

OCR analysis: Finally, we've hit the peak

The Reserve Bank has today pushed through a 0.25% increase to take us from 5.25%, up to its peak forecasted OCR of 5.50% - while also making it clear we've hit peak rates for this economic cycle.

19 May 2023

Market update: Stabilising forces tempt more (and more) buyers off the fence

Between a weakened construction sector, increasing migration and more businesses starting to retrench (both of which are helping to ease pressure in the job market), there are lots of signs out there to indicate that inflation’s coming under control. So, will there be another OCR increase?

05 April 2023

OCR & Market update: Winter is here, but the (slow) thaw is on its way

Earlier today, the Reserve Bank made its second Monetary Policy announcement of 2023, opting to push through another double increase, and take our Official Cash Rate (OCR) from 4.75% up to 5.25%. So what does this latest OCR outcome mean?

28 February 2023

Why "passive" property investment just won't cut it in the new world order

"Buy anything and wait" has been all the strategy you needed to make money in property over the last few decades. But as the world enters an extended period of low growth, doing well as a property investor will require a more active approach.

27 February 2023

Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns (now, more than ever)

Until recently, falling interest rates meant that no matter what you were investing in you almost couldn't go wrong... Asset prices across the board just kept going up. But those lucrative days are behind us.

22 February 2023

Reserve Bank stays the course with 0.50% OCR hike

The Reserve Bank has played things pretty much as expected with today’s Official Cash Rate (OCR) announcement, pushing through a 0.50% hike to take us from 4.25% to 4.75%.

09 February 2023

The Goldilocks Zone: Can the Reserve Bank get it 'just right' on 22nd February?

After hitting us hard with one massive OCR increase after another last year, the Reserve Bank's next announcement on 22nd February is one they can't afford to mess up.