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John Bolton, better known as JB, founded Squirrel in the midst of the GFC (bold move, we know) and all these years later, he’s still on the tools doing what he loves best: being a mortgage adviser. He also still finds the time to share his expertise and insights on the housing market, economy and interest rate movement, with regular articles and monthly market update videos — so you can easily stay up to date with what’s going on.

11 June 2024

What do the new DTI limits mean for me?

Starting on the 1st July 2024, new DTI rules will come into effect in New Zealand, and just like with any new banking regulation they'll bring with them big changes for different parts of the housing market. So here's how DTIs could impact you.

11 June 2024

Opinion: The RBNZ has crossed a line with its new DTI limits

Ask the RBNZ, and it'll tell you it's putting DTIs in place to address concerns around affordability, and keep our financial system nice and stable. But Squirrel founder, JB, reckons the new rules are a ruse for the RBNZ to meddle where it shouldn't be - in wider housing policy.

10 June 2024

NZ property market update – June 2024

Between an OCR announcement, Budget 2024, and a bunch of other changes, it's been a huge month in New Zealand's property market. Squirrel founder, JB, explains what's been happening — and what it means for Kiwi homeowners - in his latest property market update.

24 May 2024

Over and out: What scrapping the Kāinga Ora First Home Grant means for first home buyers

It's official. Kāinga Ora's First Home Grant scheme has got the cut, in favour of dedicating more funds to social housing. So what does the move mean for first home buyers?

01 May 2024

NZ housing market update - May 2024

It's tough going out there at the moment, and we're all feeling it in one way or another. The housing market is subdued, and NZ economic data is painting a pretty bleak picture. So the question on everyone's minds is: when will interest rates start to fall again?

21 March 2024

Market update: Economic pain will be borrowers’ gain (eventually)

New Zealand economic data has painted a pretty sorry picture in recent months. But bad news for the economy will eventually be good news for Kiwi mortgage borrowers when it comes to the future of interest rates.

19 March 2024

A submission to the Reserve Bank on proposed DTI limits

The Reserve Bank recently asked for feedback on a new set of lending restrictions - DTIs - it's looking to introduce later this year. Here's what the team at Squirrel had to say as part of our submission.

08 March 2024

Our top tips that could save you thousands on your mortgage

Over the life of your mortgage, you'll fork out at tens - probably hundreds - of thousands in interest payments. But there are tricks to help you get your home loan paid off faster, and save a packet.

09 February 2024

Market update: The waiting game continues, but more expecting rate falls in 2024

The Reserve Bank is giving nothing away ahead of its first Official Cash Rate announcement of the year, in late February, but the market is increasingly anticipating rate falls to start sometime this year.

28 February 2023

Why "passive" property investment just won't cut it in the new world order

"Buy anything and wait" has been all the strategy you needed to make money in property over the last few decades. But as the world enters an extended period of low growth, doing well as a property investor will require a more active approach.

27 February 2023

Past performance doesn't guarantee future returns (now, more than ever)

Until recently, falling interest rates meant that no matter what you were investing in you almost couldn't go wrong... Asset prices across the board just kept going up. But those lucrative days are behind us.

31 January 2023

Break fees: Why caution is needed when fixing your mortgage longer-term

This article is a cautionary tale for anyone feeling tempted by the recent fall in long-term mortgage rates: fixing long-term can come with some wicked hidden costs.