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16 June 2022

Making sense of the current market as a first home buyer

So, the tables have turned and we've finally entered a buyer's market - but how do you navigate the apparent minefield of increasing mortgage rates and falling house prices?

16 June 2022

Market update: The nuance beyond the media headlines

Between all the news of increasing interest rates and falling house prices, it's an intimidating market to be in right now. But what aren't the headlines telling us?

14 June 2022

The dangers property investors face by having all their eggs in one basket

For those who have strayed down the treacherous path of having all your loans with one bank, the consequences have started to bite.

31 May 2022

Investing and inflation: When being “conservative” doesn’t pay

After many years in a KiwiSaver Growth Fund, I switched to a Conservative Fund a couple of years ago. It felt like a smart move at the time, but man, hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

22 April 2022

Are new builds still a good investment in the changing market?

New builds can be a great option for investors and first home buyers alike - and if you’re considering buying off plan, there are a few things to keep in mind to help you buy well.

19 April 2022

The Big Move: Getting set for a mortgage in New Zealand after living overseas

With borders officially reopening, many Kiwi expats are planning a move home once more. Here's everything you need to know about getting a mortgage in New Zealand after living overseas.

07 April 2022

Market update: House prices take a hit, but do they have further to fall?

With so many different forces playing out in the market right now - interest rates, inflation, the border reopening - how far might they go?

11 March 2022

Cheers to that! CCCFA review brings much-needed (and hard fought) change

It's been a nerve-wracking wait on findings of the Government's review into crippling CCCFA law changes - but the announcement brings good news for the Kiwi borrowers, and the industry.

10 March 2022

How to get yourself (and your finances) ready for a home loan

When it comes to your home loan application, getting your finances in tip-top shape will always be an important part of setting yourself up for success. And these tips are a great starting point.

25 February 2022

Market update: Is a recession just around the corner?

As Kiwi businesses and consumers are left to grapple with a nasty cocktail of inflation and higher interest rates, there will be a raft of implications for our economy.

25 February 2022

With recession comes opportunity – A potential silver lining for buyers in the housing market

As Kiwis grapple with the double whammy of higher interest rates and high inflation, there’s no doubt people are starting to feel the pinch. Could current economic pressures lead to a drop in house prices?

16 February 2022

Stormy seas ahead for property investors: Why diversification is the way to go

Between recent legislative and bank policy changes, and the increasing likelihood of a recession, it looks like we should be hunkering down for a period of pretty significant uncertainty. So, how can property investors protect themselves in the current environment?