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With over three decades of experience closely watching and reporting on the New Zealand economy, Tony’s the go-to guy when it comes to the inner workings of the economy, and how it affects every day New Zealanders. After leaving the corporate world in 2019, Tony started writing independently, regularly surveying professionals in the industry, and putting together updates that are easily digestible for home buyers, businesses and investors. Catch him on our blog every month.

23 May 2024

Chance of rain — and falling house prices?

The Reserve bank has grown more concerned about the pace with which inflation is falling in New Zealand, and have slightly delayed their pick for when they cut the official cash rate from the middle of 2025 into the second half. But will there be a chance that house prices will start falling while the OCR stays stuck at 5.50%?

08 May 2024

Job worries take centre stage

At a time when more vendors are appearing, buyers are backing away. And it's not because of increased worries about interest rates or access to credit. Instead, worries about job security have taken centre stage.

25 April 2024

Property investors reveal their top concerns

Despite hopes of interest rate declines, booming population growth, and changes in tax rules, fewer investors are looking to make another property purchase. So why is this the case?

10 April 2024

Should we all just pack it in and move to Australia?

The economy is officially back in recession, and the prospects for a weaker labour market are scaring people. So, is everything bad and should we all go to Australia?

27 March 2024

The housing construction decline is causing headaches

Building costs have shot up by a whopping 40% over the last 3-4 years, and when you throw in sky-high interest rates and hurdles from the Resource Management Act, developers and home buyers alike are dealing with a real headache.

13 March 2024

Rising listings: Construction's got some hurdles to jump

Many Kiwi who had been holding off selling their properties are now putting them up for sale. But with plenty of existing properties entering the market, the outlook has just darkened further for developers of multi-unit complexes.

28 February 2024

Housing shortage worries? Not yet

The toilet paper shortage crisis is over — but is it turn for housing shortages in New Zealand?

14 February 2024

The housing market is moving, at a sluggish pace

If the Reserve Bank were to raise the cash rate again, they would overly depress the economy and end up having to cut interest rates aggressively through 2025 and 2026. So is it still likely that an extra tightening of monetary policy will occur?

31 January 2024

Buyers are keen — but is it rush hour yet?

With most people now back at work and the kids back at school, passage of time away from the election and pre-Xmas hassles will likely start encouraging more people to give thought to buying or selling a house. But can we see evidence yet that a new wave of buyers is coming through?

20 January 2024

Four reasons why house prices are expected to rise throughout 2024

Why Tony Alexander believes that the 6% annualised pace of house price gains seen in the second half of 2023 may almost double once we get to the second half of this year.

11 November 2022

NZ property market remains in a slump as interest rates continue to rise

Do we have any evidence in hand of the impact on the residential real estate market yet of the recent round of fixed mortgage rate increases undertaken by banks? Yes, we do.

28 October 2022

Property investors backing away from the market

My monthly survey has shown a decrease in the net proportion of these investors thinking about buying another property from 10% down to only 2%.