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13 May 2019

Commercial and development pricing explained

Working with development and commercial property funding, price is often an obstacle that I come up against. Many people have little understanding of how risk-based pricing works, and it can come as a bit of a shock when pricing is uncovered.

29 April 2019

Developers: know your target audience

As any developer will know, banks across New Zealand have dropped a couple of belt sizes in the recent years. They’ve moved rapidly from the binge eating of the 5 or so years between 2011 and 2016 straight onto the no-sugar diet. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to a sugar crash!

04 December 2018

Tips for funding a development

We're covering off some quick things to look out for when doing a development so you don’t get caught high and dry. I'll talk GST, development costs, two key ratios and second tier lenders.

29 July 2016

New Auckland Unitary Plan released to the public

After four years in the making, the new-and-hopefully-improved Auckland Unitary Plan has been released by the Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) and is now up for both public and Council scrutiny.

15 April 2016

Are we doing enough to improve housing supply?

Investors and first home buyers alike are feeling the price pressure, as the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand presents us with the fact that median house price records all over the country have been smashed.

29 March 2016

New build vs second hand?

“Second hand” properties are continuing to rise in value and of course the 30% deposits required to get funding are growing and getting harder to put together… So what other options are there?

04 March 2016

How does population growth affect housing?

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition - unless it's in the housing market.

05 January 2016

Unitary Plan: The only way is up, right?

Some thoughts on the Unitary Plan: Auckland is a unique city surrounded by so much water and then so much of the inner city has been protected from a planning perspective.

30 November 2015

Getting your investment structure right

I have been approached by a number of existing ‘buy and hold’ investors wanting to change their strategy. They want to start trading and developing property. But, they have no idea where to begin.

02 June 2015

Property development - when things don’t go to plan

Here I am almost three and a half years into my first decent size property development. Although the end is in sight, it has been painfully slow, like watching paint dry.

05 October 2014

What's up with Auckland land prices?

I witnessed a transaction recently that sums up the Auckland property market.

05 October 2014

House prices and poor productivity

Over the past two and half years I’ve dabbled in property development, and are in the process of building 35 houses in Avondale. The end result will be 35 finished houses (of which 90% have been pre-sold) in April 2015.