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23 February 2024

Why you shouldn't skip the insurance valuation

Insurance valuations are one of the best lines of defence you can have as a property owner, helping to make sure your assets are well covered in the event of a natural disaster. Here's what you need to know about how they work.

31 January 2023

North Island floods and cyclone: What you need to know about accessing support

If you’re a Squirrel mortgage customer, a Squirrel investor who needs to access funds, or you’ve previously arranged insurance via our team, here’s what you need to know about accessing support.

21 May 2020

Investing in property in a tight credit market

There’s no doubt that there will be some good buying opportunities over the next twelve months. To make the most of them you will need to be cashed up and ready to pounce. It’s about having the confidence, knowing you can land the deal, but also not misreading your lenders and their lack of appetite for risk.

08 November 2017

Breaking down insurance barriers

Let’s be real and call a spade a spade. We all know that the topic of insurance can bring the inner cynic out of the most optimistic and bubbly individual. Let's talk about those barriers.

21 July 2016

ACC uncovered – have you got the right protection in place?

ACC has become such an important tool in protecting New Zealanders since its inception in the 1970’s. If you're a business owner it's important you get the right advice around ACC.

22 June 2016

Is the amount I'm borrowing manageable?

With interest rates now being as low as they have been in years, there are a huge number of people deciding to take advantage and purchase their first or next homes.

26 April 2016

Insuring your end goal

I get great satisfaction from assisting people in getting to where they want to be. But what happens in the situation where you are in business with someone else or there are multiple people involved in a venture?

07 April 2016

Is health insurance necessary before 30?

As an insurance adviser rapidly approaching 30, many of my friends are going through life changing events. It’s interesting how many people have genuinely no idea about health insurance or why it’s important.

28 January 2012

Risk with houses built before 1945

We’ve had a couple of interesting client problems this week that we’ve solved for them but it is a good wake up call on the risks of pre-1945 houses.

05 January 2010

Starting a family and your mortgage

If you are starting a family or have a young family then the mortgage is quite probably your biggest financial challenge, especially if you are reduced to one income.

02 August 2009

I hate life insurance

I have a love-hate relationship with life insurance. I hate paying for something I have no intention of ever using. However, I love life insurance because when things do go wrong it makes such a huge difference.