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Financial planning

The Mother of all Bubbles

We are so fixated with property that talk of any kind of bubble quickly turns the conversation to housing. I’m going somewhere else. History is a great teacher.

Financial planning

Investing in Residential Mortgages

At Squirrel, we're known as one of the largest mortgage brokers in New Zealand. But what you might not know is that we are also a lender, which means we can make a portion of those loans available as investments for retail investors. This gives investors better opportunities for their cash funds.

Financial planning

Covid impact on people reliant on interest income

Interest rates offered by banks are low as a result of the pandemic. The Government has helped out lots of parts of society, and we’re all grateful for this. Have they helped those reliant on interest income?

Financial planning

Investing in Business Property Loans: two case studies

We haven’t published a case study for a while, so here are two that will provide an overview of the borrowers and loans you’re investing in.

Financial planning

How to earn better returns by investing in residential mortgages

Earlier this year we launched our P2P Home Loans and Business Property Loans that give investors access to residential first mortgage investments with returns of up to 5% p.a. As interest rates have fallen, investors are looking for better returns.

Financial planning

Regular income is easy with auto withdrawal

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned investor, using your investments on our P2P platform is an easy way to generate a regular income for yourself.

Financial planning

Making your money work harder with recurring investment orders

One of the common things we’ve heard from our Investors is that they want to keep their money working as hard as possible at all times. One of the features we offer that helps with this is Recurring Investment Orders which is like a 'set and forget' auto-investing function.

Financial planning

A quick guide to peer-to-peer investing with Squirrel

If you’re looking for competitive returns on your money, reliable monthly repayments, flexible terms, and excellent credit risk management systems, peer-to-peer investing with Squirrel could be for you.

Financial planning

We're opening the door for retail investors

When one door closes, another opens. Whilst other p2p lenders in the NZ market may be reducing opportunities for retail investors, Squirrel are doing quite the opposite. We're adding to the investment opportunities through our p2p platform and improving our processes overall.

Housing Market

Building Wealth through Commercial Property

Are you ready to jump into commercial property? I wasn’t for a long time, but given I own a business and rent premises it makes sense. If you are a business owner and new to commercial property, here's how you could make it work for you.

Lifestyle and Technology

Take control of your retirement age

There are two significant decisions that you can make right now which will change the quality of your retirement for the better and remove your worry about whether the retirement age is changed or not.

Lifestyle and Technology

The value of teaching kids the value of money

What started out as a chance to give back to the community I grew up in, turned into one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and a real opportunity to improve the future of 120 kids.