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14 June 2022

The dangers property investors face by having all their eggs in one basket

For those who have strayed down the treacherous path of having all your loans with one bank, the consequences have started to bite.

11 March 2022

Cheers to that! CCCFA review brings much-needed (and hard fought) change

It's been a nerve-wracking wait on findings of the Government's review into crippling CCCFA law changes - but the announcement brings good news for the Kiwi borrowers, and the industry.

10 March 2022

How to get yourself (and your finances) ready for a home loan

When it comes to your home loan application, getting your finances in tip-top shape will always be an important part of setting yourself up for success. And these tips are a great starting point.

06 December 2021

Government law change will cause more harm than good for homeowners

Sign JB's petition. The Government has made changes to responsible lending laws to protect vulnerable borrowers, but they have used a sledge hammer instead of a scalpel. This is an example of over reach, and will cause far greater harm to Kiwi homeowners and small businesses than it will protect vulnerable borrowers.

13 May 2019

Commercial and development pricing explained

Working with development and commercial property funding, price is often an obstacle that I come up against. Many people have little understanding of how risk-based pricing works, and it can come as a bit of a shock when pricing is uncovered.

26 March 2019

Is 2019 the year that the speculative land bubble pops?

When it comes to property, the risk is that borrowers (and speculators in particular) think tomorrow will be better than today and don’t act. Watching a speculator in action is like putting a frog in water and gradually increasing the temperature. The frog never jumps out.

08 March 2019

Mortgage Broker Commission

At a superficial and generally uninformed level, it’s easy to have an opinion on mortgage broker commissions. It’s also easy to have an opinion when you have a vested interest as banks do, and yes, I do too.

06 March 2019

How responsible lending may affect property investors

The Hayne Report was released in Australia recently, and brought about some stern recommendations for the lending sector. The standards have been put in place for the best interests of New Zealanders, however, like anything that is done by the government, they can often carry unforeseen circumstances. Let's take a look at how property investors could be affected.

04 December 2018

Tips for funding a development

We're covering off some quick things to look out for when doing a development so you don’t get caught high and dry. I'll talk GST, development costs, two key ratios and second tier lenders.

03 October 2018

No more first tier asset lenders

A common misconception with borrowers, brokers and buyers is that the most important thing is how much deposit or equity you have. Whilst important, changes to lending standards have changed the focus over the past 12 months.

29 November 2017

Good news: lending rules are loosening

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has announced this morning that they’re loosening their lending rules. This is good news especially for first home buyers.

18 October 2017

Return to the status quo?

With the election almost over, warmer weather and spring home loan campaigns in full swing, there appears to be some life coming back in the market.