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18 July 2017

Th latest on mortgage rates | July 2017

For now, competition from the minnows is keeping rates lower, but for how long?

10 July 2017

Auckland house sales fall 30%

Auckland sales volumes are down 30% year-on-year and Barfoot & Thompson is saying that house prices have fallen back to the same level as a year ago.

03 July 2017

Hot tips to sell in a cooler market

Even at the best of times, selling a property brings a lot of uncertainty – so what’s it like out there now that the market is a little cooler and what can you do to make for an easier ride?

12 April 2017

Credit policy continues to tighten

Right now, being a bank customer without using an advisor must be a nightmare.

06 March 2017

What to make of a softening Auckland housing market

January housing statistics were bleak, and Barfoot & Thompson’s results from February are not much better.

06 February 2017

Banking on margins

The reality is that the industry is looking to mortgage margins to restore profitability from a tough 2016.

19 January 2017

A view from abroad

On a recent trip to London, I took some time to look at property and speak with locals to get a feel for similarities between there and Auckland, and given that, where I believe the market will go and what I would do as an investor in NZ.

18 January 2017

Tighter credit policy will drive the housing market in 2017

I am always frustrated by our media and how they report house prices. Tabloid rubbish bouncing from headline to headline with no substance.

18 January 2017

Inflation or deflation – the road ahead

Waiting for inflation is feeling increasingly like the quest for the Holy Grail, or as I approach 45 ‘waiting for god’. Oh, so old!

12 December 2016

An economic download: everything you need to know right now

Brexit. Trump. John Key resigning. The last few months have included some interesting surprises to put it lightly. What do these things mean for our economy?

29 October 2016

Debt to income ratios

There has been talk this week about debt-to-income ratios due to the Reserve Bank asking the Government to consider it as part of its macro-prudential toolkit.

13 October 2016

Will the RBNZ inadvertently create a Minsky moment?

Commentators continue to talk up the property market and increasing prices almost at the chagrin of the RBNZ.