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16 June 2022

Market update: The nuance beyond the media headlines

Between all the news of increasing interest rates and falling house prices, it's an intimidating market to be in right now. But what aren't the headlines telling us?

09 June 2022

Vendors not backing down as house prices fall

When will house prices stop falling? No-one knows. But it looks like we are quite a long way off the bottom being reached for a number of reasons.

26 May 2022

The house construction cycle explained

Development companies have been recently finding that client enquiries are falling away. People can see prices falling so will naturally feel the longer they wait perhaps the cheaper the construction cost will be.

07 July 2021

No large wave of investors selling

Almost three and a half months have now passed since the March 23 announcement of some radical changes in tax rules for investors in residential property. The expectation has been that investors will sell up in disgust, but there's no statistical evidence of a flood of properties hitting the market.

29 June 2021

Property Investors are still hanging in there

I continue to hear stories about investors selling off their properties in disgust at the government’s proposed tax changes. But are investors about to bail out of the market?

11 June 2021

Property spruikers and spin

The cult of personality is alive and well in the New Zealand property market with the next wave of self-styled property gurus. Now they're digital savvy and on social media.

15 March 2021

Early slowing signs in the housing market

We all know that the residential real estate markets all around New Zealand have been rampant since just after the middle of last year. We've been here before and none of the 'remedies' seem to have prevented prices from rising at pace.

19 November 2020

Slowing down a hot property market

Whilst low interest rates are a major catalyst for increasing house prices, it fundamentally comes down to a supply side issue that many countries haven’t solved, including New Zealand.

03 September 2020

Mixed economic prospects won’t stop the rise of housing

Some people retain a negative view on the housing market on the basis of an expectation that the economy is stuck in recession. Actually, the recession ended two months ago and there is little chance of it returning then morphing into a depression.

06 August 2020

Buy first or sell first?

When you have established yourself on the proverbial property ladder you will at some point come to the decision to move house. But what comes first? Is it better to buy first and then sell, or the other way round? Here are the pros and cons to each of these scenarios.

05 August 2020

Is now a good time to Invest in Property?

I think now is a good time to be at least looking, but take your time and make sure the numbers stack up. If you buy cash flow neutral in the right areas, irrespective of what happens with short-term house prices it will be an excellent long-term investment.

23 June 2020

Beyond 2020 | The next Housing Boom

After a short hiatus and a 5%-10% fall in house prices, I’m going out on a limb given the current market pessimism and predicting we will stretch into what might be the last great housing boom. Here's why.