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22 April 2022

How is an investment affected when a payment gets missed on a Squirrel loan?

If you’ve invested through the Squirrel peer-to-peer lending platform, you’ll be aware that on the other side of these investments are loans taken on by other Kiwis, borrowing through Squirrel. When these borrowers apply for a loan, they’re put under the microscope before our credit team push go, but what happens if a loan payment gets missed?

06 April 2021

Developers, drug dealers and money

Investing money with property developers is risky. In this post we talk about how risky it is and ask how it can even happen.

13 May 2019

Commercial and development pricing explained

Working with development and commercial property funding, price is often an obstacle that I come up against. Many people have little understanding of how risk-based pricing works, and it can come as a bit of a shock when pricing is uncovered.

14 March 2016

Are you a gambler or a planner?

What separates those who make money and keep it, from those that make money and lose it?