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22 April 2022

How is an investment affected when a payment gets missed on a Squirrel loan?

If you’ve invested through the Squirrel peer-to-peer lending platform, you’ll be aware that on the other side of these investments are loans taken on by other Kiwis, borrowing through Squirrel. When these borrowers apply for a loan, they’re put under the microscope before our credit team push go, but what happens if a loan payment gets missed?

14 December 2021

Squirrel investment opportunities are growing

Due to recent Reserve Bank LVR restrictions coupled with tightened credit criteria from banks in response to the CCCFA regulations, we’re seeing more loans that would have previously been gobbled up by a bank, heading towards non-bank lenders like Squirrel.

06 April 2020

P2P Investor update – heading into week 2 of lockdown

It’s day 12 of the Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand. The world is still feeling uncertain and whilst we don't have a crystal ball, what we can do is give complete transparency about how our P2P platform is doing.

15 March 2020

Peer-to-peer lending: How we protect investors from credit losses

One of the things that makes our peer-to-peer lending platform unique is our use of reserve funds for credit risk management. Reserve funds exist to protect investors from future expected credit losses.

05 August 2019

P2P Investors: How rollover loans work with your investment

We’ve started seeing our first tranche of Homeowners loans roll onto principal and interest after their initial 12-month term on interest only. Here's how they work with your investments.

19 September 2017

How banks will be disrupted

For all the talk of new threats, banks still dominate our world. My view is that this is about to change.

19 September 2017

Borrowing without the bank

Consumers typically don’t pay off their credit cards each month. With a $15,000 balance and an average rate of 21%, it costs $3,000 a year in interest ($250 per month in interest alone.) But most people don’t see that because it is a revolving debt that goes up and down.