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19 January 2018

What happens with your mortgage when you move house?

There are a few different ways your mortgage can work with in your move, as JB explains.

30 October 2017

Navigating mortgages when you're self-employed

We have a lot of experience with customers who are self-employed and want to borrow for buying a house. Being your own boss, you might not fit the banks’ mould so there might be a couple of extra hoops to jump through. But that’s what we’re here to help with.

01 March 2017

Let's figure out your bank's break fees

When it comes to your mortgage it pays to know it inside and out. After all, when such a large sum of money is at stake the last thing you want are surprises and unexpected costs.

15 February 2017

Is splitting your home loan a good idea?

When it comes to your home loan there's more than one way to skin a cat. There are different interest rates, loan structures, add-ons, repayment terms and a number of other options that fundamentally alter the way that you manage and repay your loan.

02 February 2017

Strategies to take control of your mortgage

If you're an Auckland homeowner working on a mortgage, we probably don't need to tell you how difficult managing your repayments can be.

02 February 2017

Should young home buyers be looking to the regions?

For many of us, living in Auckland can be challenging. Sure, there's plenty to enjoy about our largest city, but that comes at a price - namely, the comparably high cost of living.

15 December 2016

Keeping up with Auckland: Will prices continue to soften?

In the ever changing Auckland housing market, the latest evidence is showing that the market is slowing down.

12 December 2016

An economic download: everything you need to know right now

Brexit. Trump. John Key resigning. The last few months have included some interesting surprises to put it lightly. What do these things mean for our economy?

03 November 2016

What happens with your mortgage if you get divorced?

It's important that you let your mortgage adviser know as soon as possible of your impending divorce, especially if you share repayment duties.

26 October 2016

Is now a good time to refinance?

Eyeing up those record-low interest rates and thinking of refinancing your current mortgage? There are some pretty good reasons to refinance depending on your needs, but is it the right opportunity for you right now?

25 October 2016

How much can I afford to borrow?

It's one of the first questions that anyone looking for a home loan needs to ask themselves.

26 September 2016

How to structure your loan... awesomely

Here at Squirrel, we don't have a one-size-fits-all solution for your home loan. Every person's requirements, financial situation and even frame of mind when it comes to their loan is unique - and their loan should be too.