Cardboard cut out house held up to sky

Housing Market

How to use revolving credit

At Squirrel we give away all of our advice for free. Either we are stupid or we think you'...

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Leaky, damp house

What to Make of "Leaky Building" Syndrome

As a first time buyer, you should be very wary of purchasing a monolithic/stucco-clad home...

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Old, run down house

What to look out for when buying older homes

All styles of home suffer with their own set of problems that can lead to expensive repair...

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Calculator working out a budget

Mortgage survival on one income

We can’t solve baby brain, but we can help restructure your mortgage finances....

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Troll with blue hair against green background

Have you seen a bank troll lately?

It is official: you are just a number, albeit a fairly long number 014450-00867845-00....

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