Cardboard cut out house held up to sky

Housing Market

Starting a family and your mortgage

If you are starting a family or have a young family then the mortgage is quite probably yo...

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Man standing along on a hilside next to a house

Removing the Ex from the Mortgage

Relationship splits make up a surprisingly large part of what we do....

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House for sale

How to sell and buy in the same market

Do you sell first and then buy or the other way around?...

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Pile of coins spilling out of a glass container

Paying the deposit on your purchase

Have you bought a property but you don’t have the deposit available?...

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Clock on pile of coins

Creating a "fixed for life" mortgage

Too many homeowners are preoccupied with mortgage rates when they should be focused on rep...

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Ferris wheel at a carnival

How to use revolving credit

At Squirrel we give away all of our advice for free. Either we are stupid or we think you'...

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Leaky, damp house

What to Make of "Leaky Building" Syndrome

As a first time buyer, you should be very wary of purchasing a monolithic/stucco-clad home...

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Old, run down house

What to look out for when buying older homes

All styles of home suffer with their own set of problems that can lead to expensive repair...

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