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Breaking down insurance barriers

Let’s be real and call a spade a spade. We all know that the topic of insurance can bring ...

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What our new Government means for housing

I’ve fielded several calls about the election and the various sound bites appearing in the...

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Welcome to Auckland’s growth party

Here’s the thing - Auckland’s GDP rose 31% in the past five years (or 5.6% per year.) Auck...

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Navigating mortgages when you're self-employed

We have a lot of experience with customers who are self-employed and want to borrow for bu...

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How does finance work for a house-build?

Buying a house before it’s built has a slightly different process to when you physically e...

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Which one?

I'm building up my portfolio; should I pay my mortgage off?

The answer to that question will come out of what you’re planning to achieve in the long r...

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Return to the status quo?

With the election almost over, warmer weather and spring home loan campaigns in full swing...

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Checking for Asbestos

The renovation nightmare you can’t see

Asbestos is not a nice character, but is presently lurking invisibly in many New Zealand h...

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Vlog - how to get approved

How to get approved for a mortgage in this market

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder to get approved for a mortgage. Here ar...

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JB discussing mortgage rates

How are mortgage rates determined?

There are constantly mixed messages in the media which we all know can be confusing. Let’s...

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Vlog featuring Jack the dog

The most common mistakes first home buyers make

We see the same mistakes come up over and over again with first home buyers, so here they ...

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What really drives house prices?

House prices are a hot topic. Not just here in New Zealand, but in most first world nation...

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Post-election update on mortgage rates

The election will do nothing medium term to interest rates. Fundamentally not much will ch...

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New Zealand house and park

Latest on house prices

As we’ve been expecting for some time, house prices have softened and continue to soften....

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Banks disrupted

How banks will be disrupted

For all the talk of new threats, banks still dominate our world. My view is that this is a...

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End of tunnel

End of cycles | A world without interest?

Is our ‘low interest rate world’ the beginning of the end of money as we know it?...

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Changes for property investors

The changes keep coming

Without a doubt, these are some of the hardest lending conditions we’ve faced in a long ti...

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laptop - borrowing online

Borrowing without the bank

Consumers typically don’t pay off their credit cards each month. With a $15,000 balance an...

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Squirrel Money investing presentation

Everything there is to know about investing with Squirrel Money

If you’re familiar with the Squirrel brand, then you’ll know about the other side to our b...

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Takapuna Squirrel office

Our Takapuna team is on the move

As of the end of this month, our Takapuna team will be moving to the city. Don’t worry, yo...

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Newspaper and cup of coffee on wooden table

It’s not all bad news

If you’re an investor you should know the reserve bank rules inside and out by now. Your a...

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