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Is Auckland getting speculative?

Maybe. I just had clients miss out on a small 2-bedroom house in Sandringham on a half sit...

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Mortgage Rates | Where to from here?

With wholesale interest rates tracking as low as they are, and ongoing ructions in Europe,...

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Scarcity and productivity

It has been mildly interesting having a skim through the productivity commission report an...

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Mortgage Rates | The low down on what's up

For years now I've ranted and raved about mortgage rates. One of the reoccurring themes is...

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Mortgage Rates: Let the summer craziness begin

It’s hard to write about mortgages every month and keep it interesting! This month has bee...

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Our economic reality - Is there any order in chaos?

What is going on in the world at the moment is far more complex than a US budget deficit. ...

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Property Market Update - February 2011

2011 is shaping up to be an interesting year. In my opinion mortgage rates don't need to i...

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Banking and the jaws of death

The "Jaws of Death" is how accountants affectionately describe declining revenue and incre...

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