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Property Investing

Are you a gambler or a planner?

What separates those who make money and keep it, from those that make money and lose it?...

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How do unitary plan changes impact property investment?

While nothing is finalised yet, the Auckland Council has made some significant changes to ...

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Pay the expert!

Unless you have studied Law, Accounting, Real Estate, Property Valuing and Finance then ch...

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How are you heating up your investment property?

If you're a property investor or thinking about making that leap, you'll need to know all ...

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Elaborate bathroom

What is overcapitalisation?

Adding rooms or features to your home can boost your value when capital gains aren't as st...

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How long do tenants stick around?

How long will tenants stay at your property? While leases might only last a year, often a ...

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Investors ride the regulation wave

When the RBNZ introduced the tighter LVR restrictions across Auckland in November last yea...

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What makes a successful investor

Whether you are setting out to buy just one property, or you want to own a bigger portfoli...

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